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Looking for a new sport

I’ve been involved in various sports all of my life and, at 23 years of age, I’m looking for a new challenge. I’m about 6’1" and 175lbs. I love training in the gym but I like my training to be directed to a goal. Because of time constraints, I need to pick an individual (ie. not team) sport and I’d like to pick a sport where I will see direct improvements as a result of my improvements in strength. Any ideas?

track and/or field

Uh, powerlifting? But you didn’t provide a list of what sports you have been involved with in the past. Were they all team sports?

Powerlifting, MA, MMA, Boxing - are what I can immediately think of here.

boxing my friend, boxing!!! as individual it can get.

I am not sure where you live, but give rock climbing a try. It real keeps your strength to weight ratio in a highly functional range. Just check out fear factor and see how many “built” guys get out done by lighter thinner competitors.
Best of Luck.

Looks like OL beat me to it, but yes, I was going to suggest climbing. It’s really helped me out. Drove my max chins up to 25 pretty quick. Well, that and the weighted chins. :wink: At your body comp, you’d probably be pretty descent, too. Light enough, but limbs long to reach the holds, etc.

Combat sports


How about curling?:slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I think powerlifting would be a great road to take. Personally, bodybuilding has been goal-oriented enough, as I can see direct improvements in both strength, size, and weight gains. Good luck!

Wrestling … one thousand percent. MMA is awesome, but in wrestling being able to do 5 more rope chins means you’ll have an advantage.

Down hill racing. MTB action. This is a killer sport. It takes money though. You need a great bike and pads. So’s you don’t kill yer’self.
If you like mountain biking you should check out mtbr.com
later jr

Rock climbing was the first thing that came to my mind, but it is not an individual sport by any means. You’ll need a partner to belay you for instance. It is a fantastic activity that I’ve gotten away from, but aside from bouldering and free climbing (once you are really good), it is not an individual sport.

I’m with JR … BMX or MTB. Great thing about bikes is that you don’t even need a track … you can build your own trails or huck around the street. Progression initially is quick, then it takes a lot of dedication to advance to higher levels.

Sounds like you’ve got the build for a good sprinter. Why not try competing in the 100/200m? Your race times will likely reflect your improvements in strength.

Another vote for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

You are fairly tall, and like to use strength… I recon field events like shot put / hammer / discus / javelin. Or how about Highland Games stuff?

bjj- something i might take up ina year or two, rock climbing is awesome, in many places you can always find a pickup bball game.

Strongman competitions have a light weight class (200 and under), and it adds an entirely new meaning to sport specific training. Plus strongman is just more fun than powerlifting, at least it is to me, I have done both.