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Looking for a New Routine - Strength Phase

Thought so, i better avoid Deep Water then :rofl:

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Ok .

Sorry dude, my terrible humour.

This might be a really stupid thing to ask but would the super squat programme work with hack squats rather than traditional squats?

In my head its still a compound lift so should be fine. The only reason i’m thinking about this is my hip injury which has again flared up when squatting and i’m thinking about just stopping traditional squats as my body just doesn’t cope.

It would not.

The Deepwater sessions have been taking me about an hour and fifteen minutes for the first few DW days (weeks 1 and 2) on beginners this time around. The past few lower body DW days (weeks 5 and 6) have been just about at the hour mark… I haven’t started my second run through of intermediate yet, but they’ll probably run somewhere around 1:30-1:45. IMO it’s worth the time spent resting on intermediate, though.

Start brainstorming because deepwater gets a big fat +1 from me!

Dude are you just looking for someone to give you an easy out or tell you what you want to hear? You asked for advice and you’re making excuses about why you don’t want to squat or don’t want to do a hard program. Nobody cares. Either take the advice or don’t but we don’t need excuses or justification as to why you don’t want to do it.

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Could check out Thib’s Jacked Athlete program if you really wanna switch up gears.

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Calm down dude. Can’t squat is different from don’t want to. I love squatting but after a fractured hip and a herniated disc i really struggle to squat anything above 100kg before my hip/ back spasms and i’m out for a couple of weeks. After 5 years in and out of physios i’m not sure its going to get much better.

I don’t mind a hard programme but anything over an hour doesn’t fit in to my work and family schedule which is more important than 20 extra minutes in the gym.

Maybe next time, take some time to read everything and understand sarcasm before you pipe up with some nonsense.

Let’s all just get along boiz

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According to legend, you can do 20 rep squats with the weights hanging off your hips like a belt squat and still get results.

In modern times dudes looking for mass do a few sets of leg curls + high rep drop sets on the back squat machine for a tough workout. If you use the hack machine you gotta do a little more work than regular squats.


Can you push a sled/do you have access to a sled?

Actually, in the OP you mentioned wanting to get stronger in your main lifts, then also say you don’t deadlift and recently due to hip issues aren’t able to squat.

What might work better than us throwing random suggestions based off what we each like is if you put forward your big 4 for example.

For main exercises that you will be able to continually load and are happy to do. No right or wrong exercises just the ones that you’ll be able to make measures progress on


For a blend of strength and size, with minimal squatting and deadlifting (there is still some), DC may be a good option to consider. The heavy barbell rest-pauses will push your size and strength, the lighter ones will give you a break while pushing size, you get your leg press and hack squat, and you only squat and deadlift once every 2 weeks, on 2 separate workouts. You can also rack pull instead of full deadlift.

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That’s a fair point, i had been using DB Bench, 1 arm row, DB RDL and hack squats while at the gym but DB lunges for the year 1 worked out at home.

When i’ve done programmes (like 531) after my injuries i just swapped out squat for hack squat and RDL for example.

I’ve been doing that Meadows reactive pump programme and substituting the main lifts but after trying to improve me squat again i’ve had the same old problems.

So i would be progressing bench, press, RDL and hack squats as the main lifts. I don’t mean to come across like i change everything but i’ve had loads of injuries from years playing rugby that mean i’ve had to adapt or i’d have to stop lifting.

That’s cool man, life gets in the way sometimes and working around it is the right idea

You could certainly run stuff like Paul Carter’s 350 method or DC training like that

Even Joe DeFranco Westside for skinny bastards could work for you, with the caveat of keeping the RDL as your lower body ME work in the 3-5 and saving the hack squat for the supplemental

But that wouldn’t be full body 3x per week.

You could try beyond 531 (there are four parts, it’s free on tnation)

Which alternates ABA/BAB of bench/squat and press/deadlift each week so kind of full body


DC makes a ton of sense to me because you pick the lifts and it’s so heavy/ progression-focused. That seems to cover your main bases