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Looking for a New Protein Powder

Hey all,
I am looking to upgrade my Protein powder, and get into micellar casine . I am stuck between JYM Supplement Science Pro, and Metabolic drive. I have read through reviews on each product, but am still on the fence between the too. Please feel free to post your opinions below, and bring up other options that you think are better.


I like Optimum Nutrition products


Metabolic Drive hands down!

I use myprotein and canadianprotein, much cheaper than the big brands. Depending on the deals they’re running at the time it’s usually about $7-8 per pound.

Sometime Amazon Prime has some good deals. You might check them out

Dymatize casein is some of the tastiest stuff I have ever tried. I mix 1.5 scoops with 0.5 L of water (that’s including about 5 ice cubes) and about .25 L of whole milk in a shaker bottle every night for dessert.

Metabolic Drive, really top quality stuff

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I haven’t tried too many powders in my life but nothing I have tried comes even close to Metabolic Drive. All the flavors are delicious but chocolate is just ridiculously good in about anything you put it in. Also, not a single instance of digestive issues with met drive in the years that I’ve used it.

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