Looking for a New Power Rack

Currently I have the Fitness Reality 810XLT I bought 3 years ago. Pretty solid little cage, has held up well over all this time. There is nothing really wrong with it. It still works fine. Problem is i’m sort of growing out of it. It only has 800lb capacity and my strength has gone up a lot since I bought it.

So i’m looking for something a bit sturdier/that I can grow into a bit more.

The cheapest is the Sunny Health Power Cage at $341. Pros: 1000lb capacity, resistance band pegs, weight plate holders (2). Cons: holes are smaller than the 1" standard, so accessories are limited.

Next would be the papable power cage at $550. Pros: 1200lb capacity, cable pulley attachment comes standard. Cons: Higher price, holes are also smaller than standard, no weight plate holders.

Finally I found the Titan T-3 series at $630 (4x weight plate holders and safety pins added). Pros: 1100lb capacity, westside spacing, 4 plate holders, Titan brand means well built, 1 inch holes is good for attachments. Cons: Price is getting up there.

Any ideas or other good sturdy 1000lb+ racks you know about? I’m leaning toward the Titan one, because while a bit pricier, it’s guaranteed to be built quality and also has plate holders (tired of picking plates up off the floor). Also the cable attachment on the papable one is a bit questionable quality according to some reviews.

Are you actually getting close to squatting 800 lbs? That is a monster squat if so!

If you are actually that strong, I would get an EliteFTS rack, or a Rogue one.

I might wait just a bit though if you do upgrade. I think we are going to have a huge used market in a little bit due to all the gym equipment bought during Covid shutdowns. A rack is kinda one of those things that as long as it is in okay shape (nothing broken), used is as good as new.

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The capacities are more like guidelines than hard numbers to be honest. Even on a supposed 800lb capacity rack, you’ll start to notice some instabilities on things like rack pulls and such with 400lbs, because the force and momentum of the reps makes 400lbs hit the rack harder than 400lbs simply sitting on a motionless bar.

I dunno about ‘close’. I hit 400 in wraps for the first time in January, and i’m going for 500 in wraps by the end of August or so. That’s fairly fast progress, but I don’t know how it will stall or how it will all work out or if I will plateau soon. I’m pretty sure I won’t be breaking 600 unless I start AAS or gain another 100lbs of bodyweight. But there are some things like heavy rack pulls and such where even an 800lb ‘capacity’ rack will start to show some signs of strain.

But yeah since I doubt i’ll be going much past 500 squat if that naturally, I don’t need a pro level $1k+ rack. Just something that is not the entry level one I have currently. It’s a good rack don’t get me wrong. But when I squat 400+ or 500+ maybe, I want to feel like i’m in a semi-decent rack. You know what I mean?

Kind of hard to explain I guess. But i’m still leaning toward the Titan T-3.

I second this. I have a rogue monster rack myself. It is a tank. Not too sure about titan racks but they’re basically rogue knock-offs from what I hear.

Rep-fitness has some good-looking racks and seem to offer a lot of attachments.

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Does rep make a conversion kit for that rack? I’ve seen conversion kits for others. Essentially, they send you new uprights and supports.

Anything would be a monster compared to the one I have now. It only weighs 135lbs. Even the Titan T3 weighs 100lbs more.

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Well guys, a little research did pay off. Amazon has the T3 with all the weight holders and the safety pipes included for over $100 less than on the Titan website. Looks like it’s the winner.

I know rogue and others are the top of the line stuff, but I don’t really need that. Just something sturdier than a $200 135lb dinky starter rack lmao.

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I have that rack you linked but with safety straps instead of pipes. Have only had it about 6-7 months but have no problems with it, not nearly as sturdy as one bolted to the floor but I’d recommend it.

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Yeah there are quite a bit of videos on YouTube of people making “Titan-only” gyms. Honestly, you’ll probably be fine with a titan power rack. I do hear that their shipping quality is “questionable” on some items but I can’t confirm that. I have experience with one titan-item and it’s a tricep bar. It seemed less important of an item so I tried out titan for that. It shipped fine and works as advertised.

If you could please let me know how you like this rack when you get it put together. I would be greatly appreciated. I may use titan more for the “odds-and-ends” to round out the gym. Their prices are tough to beat.