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Looking for a New Gym in Minnesota!


I am relocating in a month to Minnesota. I am wondering if anyone knows of any good gyms to train in the Stillwater/Woodbury area. I do the typical Squats, Military, cleans, bench, and deadlifts. Thanks!


I grew up there. All commercial shit as far as I know. If you like smaller gyms, Stillwater fitness wasn't bad when I was there. It's small but wasn't ever crowded.


In Woodbury they recently opened a mammoth Gold's. Haven't checked it out yet, not sure if it is PF friendly. The Press in Little Canada is a traditional PL gym.
There is also a Lifetime in Woodbury, from what I hear for a commerical gym it isn't bad.


Thanks for the feedback, fellas!


The Press is the way to do if you can get to LC with no trouble.


If you afre near Brooklyn Center Minnesota you could check out Athletic Perfomance Inc. They are featured in this months Muscle & Fitness as one of the 10 most hardcore gyms in America. They do stuff like pulling cars, sledgehammer training, and tire flips.


They both look like great gyms. I might check out The Press. It looks like it has everything I will need. Be honest with me. How brutal are the winters in Minnesota? :slightly_smiling:


If you are in the Twin Cities it ain't shit. I grew up here, moved to Chicago for the better part of my twenties, and moved back: exactly the same. And this is assuming you are coming from Ohio. The rest of the nation bases the daily temp of Minnesota on Duluth. Huge difference. That's Canada. PM me if you want to train when you get here.


[quote]moose83 wrote:
They both look like great gyms. I might check out The Press. It looks like it has everything I will need. Be honest with me. How brutal are the winters in Minnesota? :)[/quote

Last winter we had a week or so where the daytime high was still below zero, i think the lowest i saw my truck say was -27 and thats in the metro area. But for the most part it ain't that bad. We get about 3-4 months of summer, maybe...


We really haven't had a bad winter for about 10 years. We usually get a week of really cold temps that are a pain in the ass. Other than that, it's not bad.


I'm sure I'll get use to the weather. I heard it's not as bad as it use to be. I'm moving to the Stillwater area so I think The Press looks like it has everything I need. One last question, do you know if they allow bands and chains? Thanks again for the info fellas.


They allow them, they actually have some chains and bands, and boards, there for use.


The Press is currently for sale so keep that in mind as you are evaluating gyms. Don't know how that will shake out. I know if Dan had his way it would stay the same, but who knows.

They have a power room where basically everything is allowed. Dan Stock (the owner) is one of the single biggest contributors to PL up here and likes nothing more than to see a couple guys walk in and throw around some weight. A couple specialty bars, GHR and RH. There are also a couple strongmen up there and they have a log not to mention there are some great lifters up there. We try to hit it at least once a month. It's a great environment.

IRT winters, I am a native Chicagoan and the primary difference is when it snaps cold up here it can stay that way for several days, sometimes weeks.

We will have week long spells where it is below zero ambient. This almost never happens in Chicago. Maybe a day or two all winter long.

The good news is you acclimate and there is plenty to do in the winter. Minnesotan's have a remarkable drive for year round recreational activity and I have actually grown to like winter up here.

For me, as long as we get fresh snowfall every couple of days I am happy. I hate it when you are freezing your ass off and it is brown and dead. Snow makes everything better.