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Looking for a New Doctor!

Went to see my Doc who precribes A-gel and asked for T-Cyp shots instead. Explained the part where I have stopped absorbing the gel. Three blood tests over 18 months showing my T-levels dropping from 900 to 550 while using the SAME 10mg daily dose of A-gel for the last 3 yrs.

He looked at me like I was crazy asking to transfer over to shots. He seemed VERY afraid to draw attention to his practice. Said he would be investigated for giving me injectable T while my currrent levels were at 560 while on Gel.

That was the end of conversation…

He has given me HCG 250 EOD, and that has felt great. But I still think the shots are a better option overall. I am tired of smearing the A-gel all over everyday.

I am willing to travel to visit with a good hrt doc.

Any reccomendations ???

What about Dr Crisler ???
How is he to work with ???
Does he prescribe the shots ??

I’d like to try the program I read about here…
100mg Cyp “Total” weekly ( Distributed 2 X a week )
A-dex as needed.

Any input GREATLY appreciated.

Anybody … please ???

I have a boat load of frequent flyer miles, and would glady hop in a plane to meet with the right doc.

Most doctors prefer to fly under the radar on this issue so most of us prefer to respect their desire to remain “unadvertised.”

Here are some links that will help:



I understand. Thanks for the info, It is a great starting point.

If anybody has experience with Dr Crisler, pls PM with details (good or bad)

Thank You !

I have not been abole to find a doc that would perscribe me even gel because I am only 29 and too young to have hormone issues.

even though I feel 1000% better when I do have shots

blood tests confirm that I have low T and all but still they are more willing to give anti-depressants and narcotics. because these are more “acceptable”