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Looking for a Meet - NC


Hey all -

I've been wanting to go and watch a PL meet, but am having trouble finding any around my area. Anybody know of any meets (big or small) in NC coming up? I know there's a state championship in Shelby, NC, soon but I can't make that weekend. Where do you go to search for PL meets?




Awesome, man, thanks for the reply


There's the "Battle on the Border" in March every year at a YMCA in Charlotte. Not sure if it's scheduled yet, but it was pretty awesome for my first meet.


There is an excellent meet in Norfolk, VA on November 6th and 7th, particularly if you are more into the single lifts and not full power, here is the link:



Thanks, all. I don't really have anything particular in mind, just wanted to get out and see what the atmosphere is like and see some real strength. There doesn't seem to be much around the Fayetteville area for powerlifting at all.


I had to drive up north about 3 hours in NC for my first meet, but it was totally worth it...the adrenaline rush, the experience, the lifting, the pressure, the intensity...all incredible. Nothing quite like the moments before you step onto the platform.