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Looking for a Job - Credit Report?


So I'm looking for a job, and I get a response from a delivery company which sounds good, except for one thing, they want a credit report. This set my bullshit alarm off. It's been six years since I applied for a job, and I've never had to submit a credit report before, and frankly I can't see what the hell difference it means to a prospective employer. I could understand if one was trying to get a job with the CIA, but a delivery company? This is odd.

Has anyone else run into this? Is it standard procedure these days? Would appreciate any feedback.


Is this a job where you'll be handling money? If so, that's been standard procedure for a long time. Unfortunately alot more jobs are trying to run credit reports, as well as just to get f-ing care insurance. I think it's BS, especially in this economy, more people are going to fall behind that doesn't make them criminals or more likely to defraud a company or have a car accident.


If a prospective employer wants your credit report it is up to them to run it. Many companies are doing this but I have never heard of them requiring you to provide it.

I also agree with Cruzon that this is bullshit concerning insurance and such. There is a push in congress to disallow this practice.


I'm guessing you are going to be delivering or handling packages?

The employer wants to make sure you don't have any money problems...late on your bills, in a substantial amount of debt, etc... So there is no temptation/risk of you stealing packages to sell and resolve your money issues.

My 2 cents


Just another way the jewish owned banks are trying to keep you in debt and under their control....because logic would say if you have bad credit, you must need a job to pay off your debts otherwise your debts will remain unpaid.

Also for a lot of people nowadays, its not that they just dont pay their bills, but its that they cant. Alot of people had good jobs and then were laid off and thus were unable to pay their bills. Someones credit report is not a reflection of heir character.


Actually, this one is bullshit.

First, the company they directed me to charges $35 for a credit report. Second, they say you must have a good driving record, but then they did not ask me to get a copy of my driving record which is standard procedure. I've applied for these kinds of jobs before and they always ask you to go to the DMV to get a copy of your driving record.

I didn't catch that little slip up until I'd read their e-mail a couple of times. So I've decided this one is a scam by that fucking credit report company to get business by advertising fake jobs. Motherfuckers.


Umm, duh?


buddy of mine just got fired for his credit.

He was a lab courier shipping urine samples and what not.

well he is also recently seperated an dhis wife kept th ecar,under th eaggrement that she pays for the car and she keeps it but it was in both her and his name.

she stoped paying on it got it repoed and once that loan default hit his credit he was screwed. took a few months but when they did a follow up credit check they fired him stating he was no longer eligable for employment based on a background check.

is it right? not really depending on the job.
bank tellers,armed private security, emergency first responders and police these kinds of jobs I say make sure they are who they say they are and make sure there not going to have money issues, but a normal civvy job I dont get why they do this. I have been turned down alot of jobs that I was perfectly qualified for based on some shoddy credit.
they were accepting of everything else on my record but credit they cant overlook,weird


wow, glad you caught it now before handing over all your info
good job


Please PM me the details of this company. I would like to investigate it further.

Thanks in advance!


Maybe he can get a good attorney and sue for wrongful termination?


I think hes trying to go that route,
but I think its in the stuff he signed that a condition of employment was to have no debt in collections.
but that was pre-employment I didnt know they could run periodic checks on you specialy when an inquiry lowers your credit score.
he should have placed flags on his report where no one can check


Just an FYI you can get a free copy of your credit report here www.annualcreditreport.com


I don't give my info out anyway, for example I never put my SSN on an application and don't give it to a prospective employer until I at least get an interview.


It's a scam. No company should be requiring you to provide them with a credit report.