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Looking for a Hypertrophy Program


I was focusing on strength lately and got some good strength gains. How about hypertrophy now? Suggestions?


"The problem with many hypertrophy-based programs is that they leave out the strength component. You might get bigger as a result of the program, but if you don’t get any stronger you’re still a chump in my book.

That’s right, I don’t care how big you are, if you aren’t strong you’re a sham. Having big muscles and no strength is the training equivalent of wearing a strap-on. All show and no go. End of story." - JW (quote from the article)


5/3/1 Building the Monolith


Can you clarify both of these?

What has your training looked like and what are your current bests on some of the big lifts? (Not necessarily PRs if you haven’t maxed recently. Any frame of reference will help, like what your lifts were 4 months ago vs today).

I’d prefer to see what you’ve been doing before suggesting a direction to go. Some of the 5/3/1 templates can definitely help, like the guys said. Nothing wrong with a more specifically size-focused routine like this one either.


I didn’t follow a specific program, I just focused on squatting , bench pressing, and military pressing twice per week.
I also trained deadlifts 1-2 times a week. I focused on getting stronger in these lifts whether it was more reps or weight. My height is about 5’6 and my weight is between 67-68 kgs.
In that 4 month period my deadlift got from 110 kgs for 5 reps to 140 kgs for 4 reps.
Squat from 100 kgs 2 reps to 120 for 2 reps.
Bench press from 80 kgs 2 reps to 90 kgs 2 reps.
Military Press from 50 kgs for 3-5 reps to 60 kgs for 2 reps.
Now according to my training time ( 1.5 years) and bodyweight, I think that I am pretty strong. But the strength gains have almost stopped this month so I think it’s wise to start some hypertrophy work.


Then any program suggested so far, plus eating plenty, will work.

Cool beans about the strength progress. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t like, “Yeah, I saw some pretty sweet strength gains. I’m squatting 155 now, so I know what I’m doing.”

“Pretty strong” sounds a bit on the generous side, but I’d definitely say you’re on track. A more structured, better organized training plan should definitely help with progress.


Hahahahaha thanks for the reality check



Damn Straight!! Nothing gets under my skin more than a guy who is all SHOW and NO GO!!!