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Looking for a hardcore gym in Denver

I just moved to the Denver/Lakewood area and am trying to locate a gym that will allow me to use bands and chains. A gym that won’t complain when I drop the bar deadlifting. A hardcore gym. Does anyone have any recommendations.

dog your in luck. i too live in that area, and have 2 places for you.

  1. Point Athletic Club–cardio and upstairs room are for the ladies and johnny biceps. downstairs is for the big boys, although we have a bunch of retards that dont know what their doing. myself and my trainer are the two BBers, and we have like 4 powerlifters. its a great gym, and on cardio days theres plenty of eye candy, i promise. shitload of equipment
    2)flex on colfax. hardcore and small but smells like T. the only reason i dont lift there is i like to look at the T and A while im on the bike.

oh yeah the only thing about the point is that even though it is really nice, there are a lot of complainers, but rarely leave upstairs. let me know what you chose. finally another T bro besides me and my trainer (if you join.)

I go to that small Bally’s on Alameda and Wads., it’s small but it’s tucked away pretty nicely behind the old mall, and I like it.