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Looking for a Gym in Seattle

anyone have any recommendations for good gyms in Seattle? I’m tired of going to commercial gyms and am looking for a place that would have stuff like prowlers, sleds, emphasis on improving athleticism, etc. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

I am in the same boat! Just moved to Kirkland (a suburb of Seattle) and am looking for a gym with more free weights than machines. Something tells me I’m not going to find one around here though… maybe in Seattle they exist.

Are you looking for personal training or just a gym that gives you access to things like that?

I used to lift at Vision Quest in Auburn, and it had a boxing/MMA ring, wrestling mats, a Prowler, sleds, ropes (climbing and battling), a deadlift platform, and a decent selection of machines and free weights. It was also cheap. I’m not sure if the facilities are standardized throughout the region or not. You might want to check one out to see if it meets your needs.


@DjSm28 mostly just a gym that would give me access to those things

@jjackkrash thanks for the tip, i’ll look into them.

Thanks guys! I am really surprised that it’s so hard to find a place…