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Looking For a Gym in Miami, FL


Any one out there know of a good gym in Miami? I'm moving back to my hometown after more than 10 years away, and I don't know of any decent gyms in the area. I'll be living near Coral Gables and working near the airport, so an added plus would be something in those areas..

Thanks in advance.

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Theres a ballys on nw 12th st, near the airport. Theres an LA fitness in doral, fairly close to the airport. Theres a golds gym on sw 8th st and 38ave which is pretty good. There are a couple of small gyms in the gables, but they are ridiculously expensive.


Porky's! You can't beat it. It's a pretty serious lifting gym, with a minimum of chrome (if you get my drift). It's open 24 hours and membership is only $209/year/person, and even less if you join with another person. No contracts; you can also join for a week, a month, or a day.

There's one on 10000 SW 56 ST (I go to this one), which is probably a little out of your way, and another in the Hammocks, which is probably a LOT out of your way.

I know, they aren't real close to the airport, but hey, I can at least throw it out there, and you can't beat the price -- or the hours! I think they are going to open another one in Hialeah soon too.


Thanks for the info. I guess the golds sounds like it would work. I'd definitely prefer something a little more hardcore. Any one else in Miami?


That sounds like what I'm looking for. It's a little out of the way, but I'll definitely check it out when I get down there. Does it get busy at all? I can't stand someone breathing down my neck when I'm lifting, which is the biggest problem with my gym up here in VA.

Thanks for the ideas!


Any clue where in Hialeah?


I can get the address when I go lift in the morning. I'll reply with it tomorrow.


I went to porkys for years. Its pretty far from the airport, is packed jammed at peak hours and is pretty much a dump. Its open 24hrs though, which is cool. BTW, referring to the one on 56th, the one in the Hammocks is much nicer, but way farther sw.

I just remembered "The Muscle Factory'" Its off of sw 40th and the palmetto. Its back by the warehouses. Its not pretty, but is hardcore.


It does get busy in the evenings, esp. Monday through Thursday (I think you'll find this pretty much anywhere, though). It can also be hard to get a parking space. I have seen people, and have myself, parked in the grass strip along the street more than once. The parking slots seem to be about 95% the width of the average car. Welcome back to Miami, though, right? :slightly_smiling:

I go early in the mornings, like 4:00, but this is more due to my schedule and long commute than anything else. I have survived many evenings there. Weekends are good. So I guess it all depends on your work schedule.

I will actually be leaving this gym when I move up to Miami Lakes at the end of January, and I WILL miss it.


I can't argue with anything you've said, except I've never been to the one in the Hammocks. Over the past few months they have done some significant remodeling to the one on 56th. I guess what I like most about it is that most people there are pretty serious.


5438 W 16th Ave.

Opening early January 2006.