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Looking for a Gym in Hauppauge NY

So it looks like I’m going to be spending a month in this part of NY and I’m looking for a place to work out. Any suggestions? I don’t mind driving a bit but obviously I’d prefer to keep it reasonable. I don’t need a lot but of course powerlifting friendly makes me much happier. I’d also prefer to train on my own rather than on a team schedule if possible.

I’m not familiar with Hauppauge, but Bev Francis’s gym in Manhasset is iron friendly. Gaglione Strength in Farmingdale is another option for serious PLers. Perhaps @BrickHead knows of some options, or @Chris_Colucci.

I was just going to say those two. World Gym in Babylon is very hardcore as well.

Pretty much all the places mentioned already (though Bev’s gym is in Syosset, not Manhasset). I’d also double-check this thread, but it’s from 2009 so make sure the places are still around.

Shawna Mendelson, sister of Scot, has Blue Collar Barbell in Bohemia and it looks about 15-20 minutes from Hauppauge. Maybe contact them to see how to head over there. From a quick look at their site, they might be a private facility.

Thanks guys.