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Looking For a Gym in Calgary


I'm looking for gym in calgary. The owner of my gym skipped town for reasons unknown. The atmosphere has been going downhill ever since the new owner took over. All the strong people left and scattered across Calgary, it's unfortunate.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a decent gym or started their own small dungeon gym. If that's the case, I could contribute a good power rack, bench, 2 olympic bars, e-z bar, and about 500 lbs in plates. I'd let everyone use them so long as I get a gym to work out in. Looking for some good competion.


There's a place around where I work where I often see people doing strongman-type stuff outside. It's on edmonton trail near Greenview (30-35th Ave NE or so). If you choose to check it out it shouldn't be that hard to spot; there's always a couple tires outside.

There are a couple other places but the directions would be even less precise than the first one I gave you.

Sorry I'm not much of help, but yeah.

PS. http://www.ualbertapowerlifting.com/ Here's a link I just found, check it out!


Well I would say that the Mount Royal College facility is a great place. A lot of it is shiny non-dungeon but they have a full set of oly bumper plates and a platform and lots of great squat racks etc. A big plus for me is that they allow chalk and provide it. They also have a great track and best of all there are infinite hordes of gorgeous women in Lululemon pants.

Other advantages are the climbing wall and pool/hot tub/etc. access.

But if you are really looking for a place with strong folks and don't want to train alone at home then im not to sure where to go. I train in my garage these days and at the UofC facility (yuck, no bumpers, no chalk, no fun). But at least training at home I can pump my own music and wear sandals and no shirt.

Sorry if this is of no help.



Where in Calgary? I lived there for years.

If I lived in the south I would make it to okotoks (greigs gym) minimum 1x per week.. I think they got about 3 monolifts, tons of weights, bumper plates, you name it. Not to mention the owner is ex WSM and has his share of power lifting records.


thanks alot for the info so far. I'll go looking for that gym in the north east, as it's not too far from where I am. The u of a thing looks interesting, but I go to the u of c. Perhaps i'll see you in the gym avocado, as i'll be training a few people this semester.


oh, I'm in dalhousie too by the way. If i'm ever down in okotoks i'd definitely want to check it out.


Dude you're probly like my next door neighbour, crazy. Yeah I'll see you at the U. You recognize me by full length camo pants and my chuck taylors, one is orange one is brown. And I'm sweaty as and ugly too.

See you in sept.



i'm right on the corner of dalhousie dr. and 53rd st, what about you?


Hey guys,

I'm downtown and I wonder if I should sign up at YMCA or BJ?

Do you know anything about either? looking for a quiet place.


no unfortunately i don't know anything about the gyms downtown. I'll post again when I find out about that one near edmonton trail though. Perhaps i'll go for a drive tomorrow to try to find it. Doesn't seem to be listed anywhere.


I think it's on the corner of 35th Ave Andrew, good luck


yeah im on the corner of 54th and dalhousie dr. moving soon though.



the talisman center is supposed to be pretty good. Ive only been there a couple times but people seem to like it.



I think i know which one you are talking about. It's hella far away. Then again I do travel all the way to 36th st NE for BJJ/MT/MMA/whatever/etc. so I suppose it's not that far by comparison.



so avocado, i'm in the condo right next door to you.

As I take john laurie to center street then down to 16th ave, going edmonton trail to 35th ave wouldn't be too bad at all. Unfortunately I should probably serve out my year sentence before switching. Thanks for the precise directions, too.


YMCA is pretty good. If you can get into the gym in the Olympic Oval, that is the best gym I've ever seen.