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Looking for a gym in Brooklyn NY


I'm visiting a friend in March but need someplace to train while I'm there...any good suggestions?


Kai Greene trains at 5th ave Gym, in Brooklyn? No frills, nothing fancy type of place but looks bad ass. Saw it in his "Overkill" video



my apt.





I hate fancy places anyway :slightly_smiling:


I thought you only liked dudes :wink:



Brooklyn, eh? My old stomping grounds...wish I could offer some assistance, but it's been 17 years since I've been back there. I would definitely check out the Kai Greene spot. Judging from the photos I've seen, looks like someplace you'd enjoy.


OMO!!!!! PM ME!!!! We can workout together some time!! I live in Bklyn.

I've been to this gym - costs 5 dollars a day which is nice. A pic of it is in my old log - No frills is precisely right. Just don't wear anything that shows your camel toe...its not that kinda gym. If you know what I mean...


What about Powerhouse Gym? Where is that?

It's managed by John Romaniello, an author from this site. Good looking dude for OMO. Go bake him some brownies :wink:


what about for Maschy? I like juicy meatheads. I bake stuff. Anyone? Anyone? Any takers what-so-ever?


I just pm'd you! No worries, I'm all business at the gym...nothing tight fitting for me


Hhhmmm...I could get my cardio in too then lol! I'm sure he's married...they all are


LOL! oh yeah, i'm all business too...ahem...

No worries, for you OMO, I'll wear my less obvious spandex or do a better tuck job :wink:

Got the PM - we'll continue our conversation and naked pic sharing in private!


Awesome! Loved that last shot...you'll have to "show" me how to do that pose when I visit.

You boys jelly??? :wink:


Depends on which area of BK you're staying in. I know a few places that are $5 a day and some places that'll charge $25-30 a month.


I love how your second post in like 18 months is when a hot chick might end up in your neighborhood for a visit...good to know you still got a pulse!

Jelly? There's not enough PB in the world to compensate.

You girls should BOTH go visit John Romaniello. Tell him you're from the site. Seems like a cool guy, actually. So is elusive (plus, he's a strong mofo).


You will be indefinitely reprimanded for your delayed (i.e. "seasonal") response times =P


Do I smell a FFM????

and btw...I love strong mofos...


If it smells like brownies....yep!

Elusive is a cool guy. You should time your meetup with him when he's having a cheat day; had a thread that showed the 12,000 or so calories he'd stuff his face with in 24 hours. Insane.

Maybe you two could cook for him and watch him scarf it down. In some cultures, that's part of the courtship process.

By the way, I believe The Mighty Stu is also in NY (not sure if in Brooklyn) and I'm sure he trains at a good gym.



Called it first!

edit - my arrow didn't work - but yes, i'm the middle F. Just sayin'


Re-he-heally...I love stuffing my face (that's not a sexual reference) and would very much like to do it pro-style. I've been know to put in a good 4k cheat day - that would be fun!