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Looking for a Gym in Beijing (and Grenoble, France)


will be living between Beijing and Grenoble (France) for the next few years and am looking for good gyms with a decent selection of free weights and not crowded.

Difficult to find anything online, especially in Beijing - looking for a gym in the Haidian district near Tsinghua U. Any experiences?

ask locally once you arrive?

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I wish you luck. I lived in Nanjing for five years and only found one privately owned gym as good as a Y in America (teaching at a university I could also use their gym, which was pretty good except it didn’t have a rack for free standing squats). And that gym closed abruptly because the manager sold a bunch of five year memberships then ran off with all the money. Fortunately I had only paid for a one year membership and only had a couple of months left on that, so I didn’t feel too bad. As for not crowded, hey, it’s China, but like America it has the same ebb and flow of customers. I always arrived when it opened and didn’t have any problems, but in the evenings you had to call ahead for some of the exercise classes and reserve a spot. Chongqing had two good gyms (in a city bigger than NYC), but the one with the pool and other fixings was way too expensive; fortunately the reasonably priced gym had all the weights a person could want.

Yes. I can find only bad experiences online.