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Looking for a Good Veggie Dip


I used the search function to see if this had been posted before, but I was unsuccessful in finding a previous post.

I usually cook my veggies, but with college, work, wife, family, and everyday life I'm trying to simplify my preparation of food to make it easier to eat between all of the aforementioned activities. I have changed certain things for other foods, but when I got to the veggies... I didn't know of a good dip to look for. The only dip I have had before was the typical 'veggie spread at a party' fair. Does anyone have a favorite low calorie veggie dip that tastes decent? Thanks in advance for the replies.


it's not low-cal, but my favorite dip for raw veggies is EVOO and some apple cider vinegar and some italian seasoning. throw some splenda in there if its too bitter for you.


Humus or Guacamole.

They aren't necessarily low-calorie, but they have healthy fats and make vegetables more than palatable.


I second the EVOO. I bought a olive oil dispenser for $5. I chop up garlic and green olives and add it to the dispenser and then throw in some crushed red pepper flakes. Add the EVOO, shake it up. After a few days of soaking it is awesome. You can add whatever you favorite seasonings are to the oil and have some fun.

Not exactly low cal, but you don't need much to carry the flavor and it's good stuff.

I also like cottage cheese, but it is a little boring and some people just can't stand it.


Strap a couple of those 20 pound carrot bags to your waist. Make sure you go to parallel and slightly forward to keep the emphasis on the chest.


Oh really? I always used sacks full of red cabbage, but maybe I'm weird.


anybody knows a recipe kind of like the one on holiday dip ?

i know its not low cal or anything.. but it tastes so good !?


For low carb dips, any Ranch style dressing usually has 1 carb per two tablespoons. You could also use a food processor to blend up cottage cheese and a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch spices, if you want less fat.