Looking for a good training partner

I just recently purchased/watched “Pumping Iron” for the first time on DVD on the weekend, and I’ve concluded that it’s the greatest movie ever made. As well it has helped me to realize that getting big doesn’t necessarily have to be as complicated as I’ve been making lately. I’ve been searching through T-mag trying to find the best mass building program’s, trying to find programs on ‘How to get big arms, or chest…etc.’ It’s reminded me that just lifting heavy weight for as many reps as possible still works. Anyway the movie has also exposed two area’s that I need to help me hit that ‘next level’ 1.I need a Franco Columbo 2. I need to work out in a Golds gym.
So how do I find a training partner as serious as me? Figuring out a suitable gym shouldn’t be to difficult. (Right now I’m at a YMCA which is filled with Metrosexuals)I doubt I’ll find one as hardcore though. I’m in London/St.Thomas Ontario so as far as I know there isn’t much selection.

Any suggestions?


I can’t help you in Canada but if anybody in CT is looking for the ultimate training partner from Pumping Iron, go the World Gym in Branford, CT and ask for a session with the owner, Mike Katz. He is also a terrific person.

It’d be awesome to train with/by Mike Katz as well. I admired him as well in the movie. 41 and a father of two young children and still had the time to train hard. It’s to bad he didn’t place at the Mr. Universe, his back was massive.

Oh, and he was a great sportsman/gentleman especially expecting to be top two and come in 4th.

isnt he like 85 now?

his back was disgusting. his lats looked like huge slabs of meat just hanging there. he just didn’t look right. anyone agree?

No, P-Dog, he is not 85. He and I are the same age, 58, so maybe you just transposed a number eh? Although I think Jack LaLlane is close to 85 now. Mike played football for Staples High (Westport, CT) and I played for Wilton in the early 60’s and he was the best athlete I knew back then. Actually, he has won a Mr. Universe title but I don’t recall which year it was in. His back was (is) massive but a lot of that look had to do with having a genetically tiny waist. But what stood out the most were his pecs. His side poses are still considered among the best ever. Oooops, time for my noon Geritol.

i was joking about the age, but i have to agree with the other guy about his back. something just didnt look very aesthetically pleasing about the guys physique. although i was never able to pinpoint it.

How many of you have a training partner that you’d consider as serious as you are? I had a training partner for a while there (about 3 months 5d/week). He made some physical changes (He went from a fat 245 to not-so-fat 220), but because of ‘work’ and whatever I don’t consider him my training partner anymore. Is it that difficult to find another true T-man to train with?

Although he had nice symetry, I don’t think the muscularity of his individual muscle groups was that well proportioned or balanced.

Awesome guy, though, and I’d love the chance to train with him.

His kid became a pretty decent bodybuilder too.

Huge lats. Non-existant traps and delts. These are the things that made his physique odd looking.

Avoid Roids,

Actually Jack LaLanne will be 90 in September! You have many good years of hard training ahead of you pal!

Avoids Roids,

Did Mike Katz ever find his t-shirt?

Actually, Ken Waller ended up selling it on ebay for $11,500.

I’m lying…

If Mike Katz was 41 during Pumping Iron how is he only 58? Wasnt the movie made in the 70’s (like 76) … not in 1986

That would make him 68 guys :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure they say Mike is 31 in the movie, not 41, which would make sense considering the movie was first released in 1976.

This is a slight hijack, but it will also bring the post back to Guenther’s original post. Does anyone here have a consistent training partner? If I ever train with anyone, its usually one of my friends, and it always seems to ruin the workout. There is always too much talking, they need an explanation about everything, they are too slow, etc. I just don’t think I’ve found someone to train with that actually reads about what they are doing or knows why they are doing it, pays any real attention to their diet, or makes any short/long-term goals… which are all things that a T-man and a T-vixen does! Seriously, the best of luck to you finding a training partner.

By the way, does anyone have any good training partner stories?


Yeah it’s very hard to find a good training partner. I’ve always seem to train with someone who has different philosophy as me so it never worked out.

I use to train with this real idiot. He always tried lifting more than he could handle and I ended having to due most of his workout. He was the type of guy who puts a million 45’s on each side of the leg press and barely comes down a quarter of an inch. Now I just train by myself and ask for a spot when I need one.

“Actually, Ken Waller ended up selling it on ebay for $11,500.”


Ya I’m sorry Mike was 31 not 41 I just re-watched the movie. I still can’t believe the size of some of those guys.

I as well am training solo these days. It’d be nice to have a partner who could push you to lift more or goat you on for ‘just one more rep’. But, I guess it’s just not meant to be right now. Today I was talking to the only guy at my gym who kinda looks like a bodybuilder (he’s 41 I’m 27) I doubt it would work training with him 'cause I think he’s set on training ‘His’ way.

Oh well, I’ve gotten use to training solo. I just ask for a spot when I need one as well.

Mike Katz is about 60 years old now and about 300 lbs. It doesn’t look like he’s lifted a weight in about 20 years.

As far as when he was lifting, his symmetry was all wrong. His pecs were absurd looking, his back didn’t look right, etc. He just couldn’t compete with the more refined physiques. He had mass for sure, I think he was the same height and weight as Arnold at the time.