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Looking for a Good Strength Program

Ok so I really just started lifting heavily. In the last four months or so I started working out at least three times a week. For about two years I lifted light wieght for swimming. So I am really just starting to train with heavy weights. I am 19 and 155IB at 5’6" tall.

I would like to start lifting much heavier and eventually be able to compete in power lifting meets. Right now I bench 215IB max. I don’t have know any kind of max for my legs. What should I do to get strong enough to compete?



I heard Bill Starrs 5X5 was good for strength.(Link Above)

and Riptoe’s program. (Link Above)

I second the 5x5 i just finished the intermediate and i loved it. I had a bunch of strength gains as well as considerable size. My lifts went up about 10% in 10 weeks and i gained about 12 lbs.