Looking for a Good Power Rack

Yukon Power Rack Long Base PRK-200 it seems like a good choice found itat various sites for 4-550 bucks. Any other suggestions. Im looking for something with at least a 600lb capacity for around 500. Thanx guys

Don’t know if powertec still makes racks but mine is tougher than me (certainly more than 600lb proof but it tilts when you rack back in if it’s not backed on a wall or something) and I only paid $500 for it.

My Powertec is solid as. Also comes with nice dip attachments for when my shoulders aren’t being gay

texas strength systems…or support your local welder and have him build you one to your spec’s.

Basically I took westsides advice and went with a 1" on center hole pattern and 2 1/2" tubing and

had my local steel company build me one wicked tower for a shitload less than what mail order and shipping

would have cost me…just takes a little knowledge and know-how.