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Looking for a Good Multi-Vitamin


I was looking into getting a good multi vitamin.
Are the GNC brand ones any good?
also, are the ones they sell in drugstores like centrum any good?

any recommendations would be great.



Check out Poliquin's Multi 2.0 on his store website. Optimum Nutrition's Opti-Men is also good, as is AnimalPak.


I use ADAM Superior Men. Good stuff. Cheap.

Of course if I had a money tree growing out back, I'd just use Superfood...


I like Optimum Nutrition's Opti-Men


Nothing stands out to me, but this question has been posted many, many times before.


10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day; no MVI needed.


i do a gnc mega man sport and 1 scoop of Superfood everyday. i suck at getting my green veggies, by god i try though.


I just started using AST's. Won't take much to improve over a men's one a day. But I heard good things about AST's.




I just snagged 3mo worth of Source Naturals Advanced One Multiple from the interweb. I've used it a bunch before.



Well,currently I take Centrum Performance.
I'm well aware of the drawbacks of an all-in-one,and the ingredients aren't the best quality,and RDA's aren't worth shit.
But it's cheap and cheerful and I can get it everywhere (I'm on a budget)
and for me it's just a backup,it's best to try and get most of your nutrient needs from food.

It also has Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba,a combination which has shown a lot of positive research into improving brain performance (concentration,etc)
But yeah,in the past I have always noticed an improved performance and better recovery amongst other things,when taking Solgar VM-75.
As an all-in-one goes,I believe it's good value and pretty damn comprehensive.
In future,I plan to try Animal Pak and Poliquin's twice-a-day,for a few months each,and compare,and try to allow more cash for this.


Just ordered Orange Triad. Has a joint support component added. Supposed to be ideal for those who train hard.


I looked it up,seems ok,but 6 pills a day? And I'm a little confused about the immune/digestion support ingredients....


Multi-tabs from Ferrosan have all vitamins from A to K plus some minerals like chrome and selene thrown in as well.


Why do you want a multivitamin? Just get enough fruits and veges, and if you really need it, have some Superfood or Greens+