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Looking for a Good Medicine Ball


I am looking to get a medicine ball for a new set of workouts for my MMA and grappling conditioning. I train with a 16kg kettlebell, I am looking for explosive power, what weight of a medicine ball do you think I should get? I am 18 btw. Thanks.


16 kg? Isn't that like 35 lbs or so?


Yes, Kettlebell training is much different to other forms of weight lifting, you are throwing and spinning it around. 16kg is the typical starting weight for men.


Standing Backward Medicine Ball Throw â?? This exercise is similar in nature to the dumbell swing, but by using a medicine ball you can actually release the object youâ??re holding, thus producing more explosive power. (This is because you donâ??t have to worry about decelerating the weight.)

To perform this exercise, hold a med ball in front of you, bend forward, and then toss it up and over your head, behind you, to a partner. This is another exercise that links the lower and upper body in a synchronized, explosive manner. This is vertical jump specific.
Donâ??t use a med ball thatâ??s so heavy you can barely get it over your head.

But donâ??t use something thatâ??s so light you toss it into another zip code, either. Use common sense, huh. Our athletes usually use med balls they can toss anywhere from 10 â?? 20 yards. Once all of your throws start going beyond 20 yards, youâ??re ready to graduate to a heavier ball.

Joe Defranco


My bad, for some reason I read that as a 35 lb. medicine ball.

I got a 12 lb. medicine ball for about $40. It's made of rubber, so it bounces, which may or may not be good for you, but I think that that's the best weight.

You may want to go A LITTLE lighter, maybe a 10 lber... sometimes I feel like I can't get quite enough explosiveness with the 12 lber.

But I do like the 12, especially for other exercises... I would say between 10-12.


Just throw some object weighing the same amount to get an idea before buying the medicine ball. A rock, maybe fill sand in a bag, whatever. You can be creative. What I understand is that you start close to 10 yards and then progress all the way to 20 yards.


12lbs is a good size ,your profile says your 155 and 5'10
that is kind of lanky- so maybe a 8 to 10lb ball would be good for you.

I use some that are smaller- like 6 or 8 lbs for ball slams
or throwing or passing with one hand

think about all the stuff you might want to do before you buy it... I busted a ghetto one in gym by slamming it.. some of them are not that rugged.



Cheers, I wouldnt say i'm lanky lol!


I can't remember where I read it...but I saw a pretty good idea which was to buy an old basketball, cut it open, fill it with sand (to the desired wt of course), stitch up the inner bladder, then duct tape over it, then stitch up the outside layer.

I haven't done it, but it sounds pretty effective. And very, very, cheap. Btw, the stitching should be done with a big "darning" needle and some twine...not thread, of course. Probably take a half hour to make and cost you 2 bucks at a garage sale and 5 mins at a beach to steal some sand!


I brought a 3kg one and it fucking sucks...way too light. Don't get one too light. At least if its a little too heavy you can eventually gain enough strength to use it properly.