Looking for a Good Lean Bulking Blast

Ok guys I am looking for a clean bulking plan. I know if I had some sort of plan you guys could help me better but I am looking for a completely new perspective not mine tweaked. So here I am asking. Ok I am 5’6 currently at 160lbs and about 14% body fat. I recently did a bodybuilding show and just got way too small. I was at about 148lbs at 5.5% body fact according to the body fat scanner at the show. I did well I won my two classes I entered but in the overall where they take all the winners in all classes and they go up against each other everyone from light weight to heavy weight bodybuilding against each other. I was told by the judges that I was the most conditioned but that I was just a bit too small. Two judges even told me if I would have been at the max weight for my classes which is 156lbs (so I left 8lbs on the table) they would have definitely scored me to win. Hence why I am looking for a bulking plan. I am currently 160lbs at 14% body fat trying to do a bulk but not get over 15% body fat. My current work out split is push/legs/pull/rest then repeat. I am currently on a cruise of TRT dose test cyp 150mg and 75mg deca for its joint relieving effects that’s it. I would like to gain what I need so that my next show next year I come in at the max weight of 156lbs. Thanks for the info in advance guys

It sounds to me that you are advanced enough that you need something personalized from a coach. Random internet strangers are only good for beginner and intermediate level information IMO.


I agree but I am in the same boat as a lot of guys coach is also the supplier. So always run that worry are they telling what you need or what they want to make money off of you. Why I am looking for a unbiased opinion then I’ll take what I get from everyone and what I know and what the coach is saying and make my best informed decision

What did you bulk on before? If this was me I’d do 500mg test offseason and add the Deca in if you can handle it (I can’t). Add Primo maybe? Then hire a coach for your next prep to get you back down shredded (or you seem to know how to cut, so maybe do it yourself). My 2c

How married to this are you? Because that’s going to be the main roadblock as best I can tell. And a coach will tell you the same. Unless you’re planning to cut down to 10% before you start then you’re looking at a lot of wheel-spinning while you try to bulk but also not gain any unwanted fat. That’s going to be frustrating as hell. It’s also going to require a lot more risk than maybe you’re willing to take.

That being said, the kind of cycle layout I’d look at is one that hits all the right notes without compromising your end goal. So…

Test-probably 500-750
Primo-as much as you can afford; 500-700 would be the starting point

“Wait, what?? Only 105mg/w of tren? That’s nothing!” you say.

I do in fact say. Here’s why: you’re already pounding the androgen receptor with the test and the primo. But tren hits the glucocorticoid receptor which makes it unique among steroids. (Anavar does as well but to a much lesser degree) Controlling cortisol through use of tren is one of the major ways that it helps guys cut or recomp so well. Adding it in a small amount can help a bulk stay somewhat leaner. Guys will tell you that they can’t eat on tren, and that’s probably true. But they’re also using a lot more than 15mg/d. At a low dose it works another pathway to growth without hindering your overall goals.

On top of that you could add GH (yet another pathway to growth) which guys also have great success with when attempting to bulk with minimal fat gain.

Just the thoughts of a random stranger here, so do your research and draw your own conclusions.


Well I am cruising till November so I wouldn’t start any cycle til then. So I will be a little leaner but yes my coach tells me that my biggest problem that I am trying to stay too lean he is like don’t get crazy fat and eat dirty all the time put on all this fat but the bottom line is I need to eat to grow. That I need to be more realistic and know I’ll be at about 20% body fat and he keeps tell me at 20% with more mass I’ll still look better then 80% of the people out there. Just know that’s the biggest struggle for me. He says you wanna be a beast you gotta eat like a beast…

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a bit off the topic but is 75mg deca still an actual cruise or its just really mild, shitty cycle? :smiley:

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I think 100mg or less still fits within the cruise category since that’s the therapeutic dose that’s prescribed by physicians, often for long periods of time. But that’s purely my opinion.

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I like this new approach you’re dishing out advice on in the last few weeks. I’ve always wondered why GR antagonism doesn’t get mentioned on these forums. I’m a bit on the fence about Tren being the only one, but it most likely is the strongest with some distance and therefore the one worth taking for it’s effect.

Since a selective GR antagonist entered clinical study phase III a year ago, I’m very excited to see how this substance when it enters the market changes Doping, recreational use and PED use.


He’s absolutely right, but you’re not trying to be a beast. You’re trying to add 8 lbs of lean muscle, with minimal fat gain, in one years’ time.

For an intermediate bodybuilder to gain a lean 8 pounds and little to no fat in one year?

  1. Increase test to 200/wk
  2. increase calories until you very first notice a small increase in waist girth, then stay at those kcals.
  3. Train with a combination of heavy compounds days for strength, high-volume isolation days for weak points, and either HIIT or LISS cardio 2-3 times a week.

No expensive coach, or complex drug cycle, needed