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Looking for a Good Hypertrophy Book


what do you guys recommend? anybody read Muscle Revolution by Chad Waterbury?


High Threshold Muscle Building by Thibaudeau.



That's a good one, but I would get his newer "Huge In a Hurry". Just remember, when doing his programs, you MUST follow them exactly as written to see results.


i thought HIAH was older than MR?


haha no, and the main consensus on this forum is probably dont bother.

your best bet is program based books. 5/3/1 is pretty popular, big beyond belief seems to come up still, and i think da Thibs has a couple books that might be worth reading.

david patchell evans has a new book. i saw it in chapters. might be worth the read. /sarcasm.


i actually have HIAH.


College level biology and A&P book.

I can't believe Chad Waterbury gets brought up so much in a bodybuilding forum.


whats wrong with Chad?


Is Chad a bodybuilder, or does he train bodybuilders, or does he write bodybuilding programs?


If you just want some direction on how to get bigger read some of the stickied threads on here or any of the "how do you train threads" you'll prob get more usefull information out of that than a book.

When an author writes a book they try and bring a heap of "new" concepts or at least a unique view that will set them apart and sell copies. That is well and good but a lot of the most important info is not new or unique. Those threads are full of tried and tested tips that have produced the best gains in the long run.

If you want to learn more about muscles and the process of hypertrophy do as X said. If you aren't that interested in the science though a good more basic book is strength training anatomy (I think thats what its called)


why the hell do peple need weightlifting books?


This one.



Because they don't realize there is so much information on this site and the internet?

Only BB book I ever bought was Arnold's Encyclopedia, but who hasn't?

(I'm JK, I know many haven't ha)


I would recommend videos instead of books. Watch all the pros that train hard and heavy and watch some heavily muscled strongman and powerlifters train. Most do the same shit.