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Looking for a GOOD GYM


any Gym out there near Voorhess, NJ (Near Cherry Hill)


Good gym = other people training there who look really really serious.


whaa I can't goof around at the gym??

in all seriousness, a lot of commercial gyms have enough equipment for guys bigger than me. just wondering what it is you're looking for that a nearby Gold's Gym/LA Fitness/other commercial gym not called Planet Fitness wouldn't have...


If they let you use chalk they are usually a better than average gym.


Yeah, i can find everything i could ever want to use at my local LA fitness. Unless you're looking for a "hardcore" gym, that should work well enough.

Not sure how the other ones are, but mine is huge, tons of brand new equipment, its never packed, and their are some big dudes there. Nothing else i could ask for.


me too. my only beefs are:

  • DB's stop at 125, but no big deal, it's not like I DB press that anyway. I use the 125's for shrugs and rows which can be easily replaced by the HS plate-loaded shrug and V-bar rows.

  • I have to somewhat hide my chalk, np so far though.

  • no cool conditioning stuff like tires or a Prowler but if I really need them I know another gym that has them.

  • no platforms, but they let you deadlift anyway, and there are 2 squat racks and a cage.

that being said, I've had vicious HIIT sessions in a gym where there were no BB's, and the DB's only went up to 80.

which still begs the question of the OP, what do you need a "good gym" for?


to get swole


fml I guess I've been doin it wrong, time to join a hardcore gym


Guess i'd like to find a HARDCORE GYM.. one that I can use chalk, Grunt and have no one.. start talking and complaining about the noise or chalk and Definatly more the 125 lb dumbell. Hopefully with other t-men around for incentive.. hell yeah!


Being around other people who are serious helps big time. I don't always need it, but I know the experience is way different if I go to one 24 hour fitness over another or a fitness connection.

At one, most of the people there are pretty focused...so we joke with each other more and all know each other. You don't slack off in a place like that.

No, you don't need it...but it helps.

Then again, like right now while I heal up, I like just being to myself.


points taken, though I'm sure you'll agree that there's no way you'd have reached your level of development without being very self-motivated.


Oh, I'm self motivated. Like I said, I avoid that gym right now because I am not lifting like I was. I'll be in the gym at midnight or 2am if I have to.

I just know there have been many times where that feeling at the gym really pushed me to the next level.

When I first got the air force, I had a long period where I was questioning how far to take this because no one else around me on the base gym could have weighed more than 220lbs. There were bigger people in the service, but most trained off base...so I did too...and that changed everything.

Even though you may be hardcore, you're also human...and our environment affects us a hell of a lot.

You hang with losers, you probably won't be winning.


strange, that's what my dad's told me for years


I agree. and it's great having other guys around that you can bounce Ideas off of and help with some serously heavy weights.


Finding good gym for your workouts you first need to take a look for the equipments a gym have. Also look for the serious guys to work with mainly the environment.


Need to find myself a good gym in Madison WI once i move there in Aug with some big guys. Would really be nice change of pace from the 50+ crowd of people who lift 5lbs dbs or the people who come in and do some leg extensions a coupld 20ld DB presses while talking on their cell phone then talk about going to grab a beer later cuz they worked out. Probably one of the biggest draw backs living in near a small town with no big town within 60min.