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Looking for a Good Fat Loss Workout Program


Looking for a good fat loss workout program. i have been looking throughout the website and found many good programs but i dont know which one would be the best for me and also im looking for a good diet as well any recommendations will be great, i am 5ft 11inches and weigh 218lbs i have been working out for about a year im looking to get down to 200 and still keep muscle and add on muscle as well can you guys help me out by giving me your recommendations.


Lift weights to get strong. Go outside and run to get in shape. Eat to lose weight.


the best program is probably the one you will get excited about and do.
there isn't a perfect program
just pick one and bloody well do it.


Here ya go:

V-Diet has a workout program for beginners + food for a month + you get to ask Chris Shugart any random questions you would like.

And that's not all! Act now and you could lose that 18 pounds in 1 month.


Gradually learn what works for you, rather than trying to find the "best program".


1) Add in cardio (e.g. HIIT 2-4x/week and slow paced cardio if needed)
2) Lower calories till scale drops 1-2lbs/week
3) Lower weight training volume (e.g. cut frequency/sets) to accommodate lack of calories and extra cardio

Many make great gains lifting 3-4x/week, with 2 intense cardio sessions to start with (e.g. complexes/HIIT), then add more as gains stop (i.e. scale stops dropping).

Never start with everything all at once; do it gradually and only add more cardio or drop calories when fat loss stops.


seeing as how we're on this topic, I'm gonna hijack it a bit.

for my fat loss phase starting next April, I was thinking of the following:

start with the same amount of calories as I'm taking in now (3200-4000).

  1. keep my split basically the same. I will rest as long as needed to hit my top sets, but then cut rest to 60 sec or less for the lighter sets/isolation work. I can also superset ab work or isolation work for other muscles.

  2. do that until I stop losing 1-2 lb a week, then -

  3. cut 200 cals from carbs late in the day

  4. 1+2 until I stop losing 1-2 lb a week, then -

  5. add 30-45 minutes of a "fasted" walk first thing before breakfast (half of a protein+bcaa shake before and half after)

  6. continue until weight loss stops, then -

  7. cut another 200 cals from carbs late in the day

  8. continue until weight loss stops, then -

  9. add 15-20 minute HIIT session after lifting

  10. if the weight/body fat level reached after 16 weeks is unsatisfactory, then substitute a full push or pull HIIT complex session for one lifting session a week.

I'm thinking this might help me maintain strength/mass levels without dropping too much calories or throwing in a lot of additional cardio. it's a lot more conservative than what I did earlier this year (HIIT complexes + "fasted" walks + steady state cardio triple sessions 3-4x/week).


diet and high intensity!!!


Most likely 80% of the articles Chad Waterbury wrote.


What you'll find is that tiny changes don't make much difference (other than to get you frustrated haha). The body likely won't sense much change from just 200 cals less (you'll be lucky if you re-comped with that).

The good news is that the changes you do make can be "milked" for weeks. So say you found a calorie intake that makes you lose weight, that calorie intake can be maintained for weeks before a change is needed. Then you'd make a change to energy expenditure (extra cardio). For me personally, training 5x/week (HIIT 1-2x/week and lifting 3-4x/week), I was able to lean out mostly from dietary changes.

Here's how my last trim went (previously bulking on 6-7000cals/day), using callipers:

Week 1 - 4000cals - 15% BF, No cardio
Week 2 - 4000cals - 14% BF, Dropped 1lbs BW
Week 3 - 4000cals - 14% BF, Added 1lbs BW
Week 4 - 3500cals - 13% BF, Dropped 2lbs BW
Week 5 - 3500cals - 12% BF, Dropped 3lbs BW
Week 6 - 3500cals - 12% BF, Dropped 1lbs BW
Week 7 - 3000cals - 12% BF, Dropped 1lbs BW
Week 8 - 2000-3500cals - 11% BF, Dropped 1lbs BW (calorie+carb cycling)
Week 9 - 2000-3500cals - 11% BF, Maintained BW (calorie+carb cycling)
Week 10 - 2000-3500cals - 10% BF, Dropped 5lbs!!! BW (calorie+carb cycling+2 HIIT sessions/week)
Week 11 - 2000-3500cals - 9% BF, Dropped 1lbs BW (calorie+carb cycling+2 HIIT sessions/week)
Week 12 - 2000-3500cals - 8% BF, Dropped 1lbs BW (calorie+carb cycling+2 HIIT sessions/week)

Strength was still slightly improving right up to week 7! From that point right up until week 12 (~8% BF) strength was maintaining, but started to wane after that point, so I decided to end the trim there (maintained weight for a few weeks before bulking again to allow new weight to "stabilise").

On week 8 I switched to calorie/carb cycling (2 high days/week, and 5 low days/week). From this change alone, I was able to drop some fat. Then in week 10 I (finally!) added cardio and made a very quick drop in BW until it stabled out to 1lbs losses each week till the end.

If I wanted to get shredded (not good for long term muscle gains), obviously I would have continued, added more cardio firstly, and lastly dropped a few hundred cals from high days and low days.


ok, so basically for me it comes down to cutting out the caloric equivalent of a meal as opposed to just half a meal's worth