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Looking for a Good Diet Plan

Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me with a strict diet plan that I can follow on a day-to-day basis. I dont care if I have to eat the same thing every day I just want a diet that will work well for me.

So before you start figure you might need these:
*weight:236 (recently measured)
*BF:18% (recently measured)
*age:16 (I know im young but I’m fully commited)
*lifting for four years,but 2 years seriously
*supplements I take:creatine, glutimine,whey protien shakes

GOALS: I still want to gain much strength and muscle as I can but im really trying to cut the body fat to 10%. I know this is a very big goal to loose 8% but I know I can do it with my mind set and with a good diet.I say 10% because I want to to overall more cutt and get the abs to show and my waise to narrow. Not saying im trying look like some anorexic abercombie model by any meens, but im sure you get the point by now.

Extra’ that you may need to know: As you know im 16 and im a Jr. in high school so I really couldnt eat a meal between 8-11:40am and 12:20-3pm. I generally lift from 3-5 on mondays,wedsdays,fridays, and some saturdays. I need a good cardio workout to get the fat off as well if you have any tips that you may want to add. Also add when I should take my supplements that were listed above or add any you think that may add to my BF% loss or help me on hard cardio days.
Also im not the richest person in the world so if you could keep it semi cheap that would be great to.

  • Be free to add any special tips or advice for me if you like.

Thankyou guys for all who have read this and will help me on my goals.

read Berardi’s articles on here

about the V-Diet?

Berardi, not Shugart

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
Berardi, not Shugart[/quote]

x2. Berardi all the way. You can’t go wrong with any of his advice.

k thx guys but can any of u send me a link to his stuff i cant find it

use the “search bar” in the top right.