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Looking For a Good, Clean Diet.


Hey guys, I've been training about 7 years now and although I have gained some considerable muscle mass over these years, I've always had to bulk up to a pretty high body fat percentage, however reading some posts on this website, people are finding new ways to gain muscle without putting on too much fat. Can anybody show me the way to a good, clean bodybuilder's diet?


you should check out the nutrition articles on the T-Nation site or try (im on it right now) cheat to lose. freaking awesome.


T-Dawg 2.0 is a great one to really learn solid diet habits on get lean and transitions easily into life, and whatever your goal may be



What a nub...The Anabolic Diet.


I'm sorry buff, or rather lack thereof, what are your specs again? Thought so.

Anyways thanks everyone else for the sound advice.


The AD is a great lifestyle (notice lifestyle, not diet). The first 12 days will be tough, but it gets easier after that. Read the AD book, then check out the giant thread on it.

Hope this helps.


I love how your sentences seem to come together with the elegance and grace of a Shakespearean soliloquy. Comma splices and all, right?


Because I'm obviously worried about what a scrawny punk thinks about my grammar on an internet forum.


Flame On!
And his idea of the anabolic diet was a good one. I'm up to day 10 or something now.


I'll throw in with the carb cycling suggestions. AD, T-Dawg, Cheat to Lose, etc. Variations on a theme, but the underlying principle is tough to beat.