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Looking for a Good Bodybuilding Split


hey all

im looking for a good BB split. Something that will hopefully be 4/5 days a week.
i have googled and searched the forum but i have limitations, i have no access to any machines except a cable lat pull down machine (its my home made power/squat rack)
i have all the free weights and bars etc

just finishing a 5x5 stronglifts again where all my previous PRs are now broke , but the squatting heavy 3 times a week is now taking its toll.

ideally looking for something simple to follow so that while im training im not trying to think how much weight to use /how many reps etc (which is the reason the 5x5 suits me as i just follow exactly what it says to do)

40 yrs old
id guess intermediate level lifter now

p.s wish the forum went back to the old way/layout


Works a treat…


hey RampantBadger

thanks for the link was reading over it and it looks good, only problem is Front Squats

something that i struggle with is there something i can replace them with i.e back squats?

i tried for a while to do them i dont have the flexibility in my shoulders even after i tried some stuff suggested on here a while back to get them to be flexible. unless i use the cross my arms method which i dont feel 100% secure with


Could try doing them with straps…

Otherwise yeah doing back squats should be fine IMO, the main thing is the programs overall volume and ramping up


oh great vid never seen that done before.

will def try doing front squats for a week or two with and without the straps to see can i manage it before running the program.

when i have tried front squats before i do feel an entire diff muscle group engaging compared to back squats.

i.e with my back squats i feel my legs and some upper body
with front squats i feel it very much so in thigh and lots in upper body and abs all over really. if that makes sense

thanks again for the link i will get back to this thread once ive tried that technique



It’s been covered before. The accessories are geared toward front squat. You would have to change to many things.

Easier to get better at front squat.


yes i suppose ur right

if i feel im weak at front squats i should probably be doing them anyways :smiley:

i will update the thread once i get going

thanks again


just an update

said no time like the present to try front squats

started at 60lb using strap method above felt like i was using no weight , 80-100-120-140 lbs and i stopped

felt really good. Will watch some form vids on front squats before attempting higher weight just in case.

but the straps really aided me with the shoulders