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Looking for a GI


where is the best place to pick one up with out spending an arm and a leg?


three brands to google for cost-effective gis: padilla and sons, howard combat kimonos and gameness.


Do what i do... find a blue belt with a nice gi, choke his ass out then take his shit while he's unconscious.



Dude ebay is the way to go. You can get great deals there.



I thought that would go without mentioning, it's not like he'll remember...

Wish i could change my SN to Fleece Johnson


Now why did you have to go and post that..LOL!

Just a small representation of why I don't miss working in the prison...still hilarious though.


In a certain sense it fits well into a combat (albeit not sports) forum. Sexual submission can be an effective form of projecting an agressive, dangerous alpha status in a barbaric environment that is totally opposite of what our western society stands for.

This is the reason I have a hard time taking the judiciary system serious. On the whole, it works to the extent that nobody wants to do time. On the individual level, and that is what justice is about, it's an ass raping disaster.


LOL...good one Xen

How about this Gi?




That's exactly what happens in prison system. "Fuck or get fucked" holds a universal meaning in the prisons.


I may quote you in the future, Big Boss.

Really, I've been thinking a long time about how people fight pre-fight. It's a subject which is remarkably misunderstood and underchecked, even by specalists (for example former street fighters) who tend to simplify it.

One aspect is the tendency to stack multiple, potential threats in order to increase the escalation-magnitude (that's how I call it)- the moment you cannot answer that call, you basically fold your cards.

"fuck or get fucked", precisely.

oh yeah, Ebay has some nice kimonos.


jiujitsuprogear.com is where I usually go...I really like Krugans, they're my favorite gi. I also like Padilla and Sons, their gold weave is actually pretty comfortable and soft, I usually only go for single weaves, but I can actually tolerate their gold.


I rarely train in a gi but I have a Lucky Gi, and I really like it.

that said I've heard NOTHING but amazing shit from Padilla & Son's gi's. (If they're the one im thinking off, i'm a little buzzed).


I like Koral classics, I've used a cheaper one, but it sucked. I heard the Koral MKM competition Gi's are lighter but don't last as long.

My school was a jiujitsuprogear.com outlet, but it's not much more to buy from them directly and if I need another Gi I'll probably go through them.


anyone wear Atama gi's? what do they think of them?


Basically everyone in my club wears them. Never worn them myself but haven't heard bad things. Then again haven't heard good things wither. From what I gather they're a good basic Gi.



Is your mom good at sewing?


Is the only one i have at the moment....little bit pricey, i got it online. I've had it for a while and it seams to be holding up good so far. I'd recommend it for sure.


what kind of gi are you looking for?

something soft that allows more flexibility?
(at the cost of making it easier to grab)

or something hard, difficult to grab but with more restricted movements?


I have one sitting in my closet. Just because you have one I'm gonna wear it tomorrow.