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Looking for a Full Body 4x/Wk Plan

I was wondering if anyone had a good program for lifting 4x a week full body. I’ve been on a push/pull/legs split for a while and it’s time to change. Thanks

You could try splitting everything up. Chest one day, Shoulders/back another, Arms another, Legs the last. Throw a couple of off days in between there and you’re golden. I was never really a huge fan of the push/pull split myself, but to each their own.

Something I found here and saved on my pc
I had good results from it

It is by Joel Marion I think

The Stripped-Down Workout
For each workout, you’ll be choosing one exercise from each of the following lists. Whatever exercises you choose, you’ll continue to use those same exercises for three weeks.
Upper body horizontal push â?? Flat, incline, or decline barbell or dumbbell bench press, close-grip bench press, iso-ballistic push-up

Upper body horizontal pull â?? Bent-over row (supinated or pronated grip), one-arm dumbbell row, seated row (triangle handle, straight bar, double-D bar handle)
Upper body vertical push â?? Standing military press, push press, push jerk, dip, wide-grip dip, close-grip triceps push press

Upper body vertical pull â?? Pull-up (pronated, supinated, or semi-supinated grip), pulldown (pronated, supinated, semi-supinated grip, wide pronated grip, double-D bar handle)
Quad-dominant lower body â?? Back squat, front squat, hack squat, lunge, leg press, duck deadlift
Hip-dominant lower body â?? Deadlift (sumo or conventional), Romanian deadlift, sumo squat, good morning, one-leg back extension, glute-ham raise, dumbbell swing, one-arm dumbbell snatch

Each workout consists of two groups of movements. Alternate between the A movements of Group 1, then perform the B movement via straight sets. Repeat for Group 2.
Group 1
A1) Upper body horizontal push
A2) Upper body horizontal pull
B) Quad-dominant lower body
Group 2
A1) Upper body vertical push
A2) Upper body vertical pull
B) Hip-dominant lower body

Sets and Reps
For each workout, you’ll train one group with a 4x10 set/rep scheme and the other with a 5x5 set/rep scheme, switching the two schemes each workout.

Why is it “time to change”? lol

Make sure to eat heartily if you attempt that Joel Marion program.

It was actually the first program I tried when I was starting out. I did straight sets, not knowing any better, and on about 2000 cals a day to boot.

Crashed and burned after a few weeks.

With ramping sets and with a calorie surplus it might be a good program, I honestly don’t know.

big beyond belief? they have a pretty solid 4x a week program. but you gotta make sure your pounding down the calories pretty good on this setup too

I had great results on Bill Starr’s 5x5 TBT Program.

x2 on the stripped down HT workout. that is an excellent template that i have created many a full body system from.

Use that for definite!


Personally I like periodized plans, but if you were looking for full body workouts then some of the Rippetoe programs are pretty good. Starting Strength (Beginner/Intermediate) and Texas Method (Intermediate) both come to mind.

Mate, all plans can be periodised. Periodisation isn’t a type of workout but a loading protocol that is applied to workouts.