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Looking For a Fitness Mentor

Hey guys. I’ve gleaned much information from this site over the past few weeks but I’ve never really participated in any discussions. Mainly because I don’t have any information to contribute that someone else can’t already supercede or correct. The thing is, I’ve been weight lifting on and off for almost 5 years (I’m 19) but never really went beyond the obvious. However, about 6 weeks ago, I began working out hard, intense, and consistently. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the field is limited at best and sometimes, I really wish there was someone I can turn to for help or guidance. Browsing forums and reading articles can only take you so far before you realize you are going to need more than that if you want to make the best out of your workout. Sure I can lift weights, but I really don’t know much else about my body and why it functions. I want to get more serious and I have many inquiries about nutrition, supplements, excercises, cardio, etc. I have read many articles in the past few weeks, but often times I read articles that seemingly contradict what another article told me elsewhere and I end up being more confused than I was before I started. I’m not looking for someone to babysit me or go to the gym with me (although I wouldn’t mind lol). I have plenty of discipline. I’m just looking for someone I can talk to or send an instant message to from time to time whenever I have questions or concerns about what I’m doing, what I’m doing wrong, or what I should be doing. I’m not slow and I catch on quickly as I do have a basic foundation of principles on many things. I do realize some of you may ask “Why not just post your questions here?”, but for all intents and purposes, I am looking for more personalized attention. I know there are a lot of bodybuilders and fitness gurus here on this site who know the ins and outs of everything, so hopefully, at least one of you guys wouldn’t mind “adopting” me per say and enlightening me. Any volunteers?

You have a PM.

[quote]El_Animal wrote:
You have a PM.[/quote]

Just ask away and we’ll answer to the best of our knowledge

[quote]Konstantine wrote:

Just ask away and we’ll answer to the best of our knowledge[/quote]

I’m sorry but I really don’t know where to start. That is why I’d like for someone who really knows what they are doing to coax it out of me. For starters, I’m 5’ 10" and about 204 pounds. I’ve never dieted in my life and have only recently began looking into nutrition, and possibly cardio. I’ve always overlooked the importance of it because reading about it always just gave me headaches. I want to basically gain muscle while losing fat.

I’ve tried reading many articles but they often times seemingly contradict each other, run around in circles, and leave my head spinning. I want to do everything by steps. Currently I am only weight training. Next I want to figure out an appropriate cardio plan to compliment my weight training, but not neutralize it. Finally I want to formulate a proper nutritious diet to aid my muscle gain/fat loss regimine.

Some articles tell me if I want to build muscle I shouldn’t do cardio at all, or I should do low intensity cardio twice a week half hour each session, or how doing two 10 minute sessions in one day is better than one. Some say do some cardio right after you lift, while some say don’t even think about doing cardio until several hours later. HELP! Lol. I’m not getting too specific in this post for the sake of sparing those who aren’t really going to help. If you are interested in guiding me then please message me or leave a post here.

What’s your training plan like? I personally do HIIT after lifting for 15 minutes, 3x/wk

Currently I weight train 3 times a week for about 2 and a half hours a session. I’m pretty sure I have to include cardio in there somewhere for what I want to accomplish, I just don’t know when, where, or how long. Plus, I read somewhere that high intensity is not exactly the best thing for what I want to do so I don’t think I’d be able to do it.