Looking for a fat loss stack

well if my damn budget wasn’t so low id just buy 2 bottles of hot rox and call it good. but there is no way that i could afford this right now. Personally i was thinking of get a bottle of t2 pro and then after that bottle runs out go directly on a hot rox cycle. i’ve read the message board, but i couldn’t find an answer if just 1 bottle of hot rox would be beneficial or just a waste of $$$…i know this summer when i get back to work(im a college student)…i wanna get on some mag-10, so i need to cut down my bf…and was just wondering if a cycle of t2 pro and one bottle of hot rox would be beneficial…of course taking that my diet and training is in order.

havent tried hot rox yet (waiting till i finish getting hyoooge), but T2 and EC i have found to be an exceptional stack. if you are being cheap go the T2 and some EC stack(on special at netrition.com)

I think some have become too dependent on supplements to achieve our goals. Dave Draper’s favorite and popular way of cutting was tuna and water.

HR blows away any ECA stack even if paired w T2 and other supps. 2 of the 3 people I’ve worked with have made exceptional gains from 1 bottle of HR, one continued on through another bottle. Check netrition or other sites for good prices, trust me, for like $10 more than what you would spend on an ECA stack for 3 weeks you’re results would be better with 2 wks. of HR.

Don’t worry about stacking the T2, just use the HR. 1 bottle will last you just over 2 wks and will get you some good results. Save the money from the T2.

tuna and water, now thats getting scientific.
those guys were freaks, they did well inspite of their methods not because of them
but yeah point taken, diet and training should be the first things dialed in before “relying” on the supps