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Looking For A Deck (Car Audio)


For my car, I just got it and it comes with a CD player ect... but I really don't have that many CDs, but I have an iPod with some 30gigs on tunage on it. I don't know dick about cars, so I was wondering if somebody could throw some names at me for a deck with aux in and possibly satellite radio for somewhere around $200(Can) up to $250ish.


Go to Crutchfield website. You can put in all of the features you want and it will spit out what units have the features you want.

In that price range, you have a of choices out there. Most are somewhat limited on features, but are ok.


Kenwood, Alpine and Eclipse all good, I’m not sure you can get one with built in satellite radio for the price you want.


Alpine’s quality has really suffered over the years, I’ve owned a few. What kind of car are you driving. You can find adapters for the cd changer input in the back of the stock radio to hookup an ipod for $20-$50, plus you don’t have to worry about theft and removing the radio faceplate.