Looking for a Cutting Cycle

Okay I am doing research for a cutting cycle. I want to do for a show in June and I have learned what gear I can get in my area so I was limited to what I can get my hands on. What combination would you guys use? So here what I can get.
Test cyp
Test prop
Tren ace
I know there other stuff that would be good for a cutting cycle but of course I am restricted to what is available to me.

What class of bodybuilding (open, physique etc) and weight are you eyeballing here

Is this you’re first show? How many weeks out are you and what are you’re current stats?

Really depends on your prior cycle experience, goals (how lean you want to get and in what timeframe) and how much harm you’re willing to do to your long term health.

I don’t do bodybuilding shows so I will never touch Tren or some of the harsher compounds. My last cutting cycle was 150mg Test (my TRT dose) + 600mg primo + 40mg Anavar for a few weeks at the end. Some may consider this a very mild cycle but it works well for me and there’s no nasty side effects like you get with Tren.


Sorry my first post should’ve had more of my stats. I will be competing in men’s classic physique so my weight limit is 170. I currently weigh 180 with about 18% to 20% body fat. So I am shooting for 160 for the show and want to be under 9% body fat. This will be my first show in classic physique. I have done two bulking cycles and I am always on TRT. I am trying to do as much research as I can for a cutting cycle. I am just looking for opinions just to see if I’m headed down the right track. I am 24 weeks out from the show and after all my research is done is when I will decide when I will start my cutting cycle 16 weeks out 12 weeks out eight weeks out I don’t know yet

Post a pic (without your face)

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So much fun!!! I have planned this type of thing several times just never gone the full BBing route yet.

My plan would be blast Test + EQ and at 8ish weeks out lower the test and add Tren. Probably add Winstrol at 4 weeks out. Adex for AI (or see if you can find Tamoxifen).

Didnt include doses as that is more person dependent.

Nah dude, it might be his first cycle… adding tren has the potential to induce serious problems

Low test, medium tren, Winstrol at the end. How tall are you? Because if you’re 180 @ 20% you’re maybe +2% more bf than me at the same weight and I’m…not contest ready (nor will I ever be).

Option 1: Use 10 of your 24 remaining weeks with higher test and just add as much mass as you can without getting too much higher in the bf department. Take four weeks off (back to your trt), then you’ve got 10 weeks to shear off a bunch of fat. That’s when you hit the Easy Button (tren) and the winstrol (last six weeks).

Option 2: use the tren now to recomp for eight weeks. Eat around maintenance, let the tren do its magic, and get down to like 12% with 14 weeks out from the contest. Back to trt until six weeks out when you employ the winstrol. That’s where you do the last bit of your cutting and hope it works.

Option 3: blast test and EQ for 18 weeks, then down to trt and winstrol for the final six. To do this you’ll have to break a cardinal rule of cycling, i.e. not bulking and cutting on the same cycle. But you don’t necessarily have time to do them separately, so you might have to do something less than ideal in order to get a few extra pounds of muscle on your frame before you cut.

Honestly, options 2&3 are kind of stupid, but I presented them anyway to illustrate how you’d game out possible scenarios. If you use Berkhan’s formula for MMP you’d be 163 @ 10% (I assumed your height at 5’7” just to make the calculation; it can vary). Now Berkhan assumes a natural athlete in his formulation, so 160 @ 9% is totally doable for you. Probably even a little higher tbh, but it’ll almost entirely come down to diet and training at that point. The drugs will only do so much.

Winstrol pre-contest is the only variable that you should set at 100%. Everything else is up for debate. But that’s like the contest prep drug everyone includes, and with good reason.

You should see how much you can cut before you get too deep into your prep though. Anything you can do without adding tren is going to be overall healthier for you. Hell, dbol @ 10-20mg/d for four weeks while you cut hard right at the beginning will do more for you than you’d believe. That stuff is magical in how it makes you not hate being hungry all the damn time.

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he mentioned in a later post his stats it is his 3rd and is on TRT…being 3rd cycle might be a bit early for tren too though.

I think this is more for shorter cycles (12 weeks and under)?

Is it really that big of a deal? I’m planning to use proviron. I can get super lean with dieting, would winstrol have a much bigger impact than proviron? I’ve read of bad winstrol sides, whereas proviron is relatively “safe” in the sides department.

Ehhh, winny has the beneficial effect of additive glycogen retention, aiding in achieving a “full” look as well as a dry, grainy appearance. Proviron merely gives off a dry, grainy, androgenic, hardened appearance… or so I’ve heard, I’ll be trying it when I’m lean

Winny however also destroys lipids worse than just about anything else, one can say “no, it’s genetic in nature”… that may be true, but even those who have genetic predispositions to having god status lipids, winny will still have the most deleterious effect… actually SDROL is worse, so winny is about the second worst thing one can take.

However the question is, how much does 4 weeks (or so) of shitty lipids really impact you in the long term… it’s probably marginal if done very occasionally.

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Unreal touched on this but in my broscience experience different drugs give different looks.

WInstrol - Gave me Feathered Quads several times and I have never had it without

Anavar - grainier

Superdrol - instantly 5% dryer

Masteron - all of the above to a much lesser extent

Tren - bigger, grainier

Nandrolone - Water balloon

Dianabol - more watery water balloon

Test - actually just normal i guess i dont know

Basically I consider your body the canvas and the drugs are your paintbrushes…or filters for the younger generation tee hee


Well I have been able to also locate provrion locally. I haven’t decided yet what the best course I should take for my cutting cycle. Thank you guys for all of your info. The one thing I did decide for sure is I will start my cutting cycle 16 weeks out from my show and I have upped my TRT does of test cyp from 150mg a week to 200mg a week with my doc’s ok cause my test levels just can back at 612 ng/dL so he said I could up my test to getting me on the high side of normal.

Show? If it’s a natural drug tested league you may be tested… carbon isotope testing can weed out synthetically injected testosterone, even at TRT levels

So perhaps apply for a TUE if you’re league allows it

Wait, nvm didn’t see the initial post, I assume you’re using additional compounds

It’s a bodybuilding show men’s classic physique everyone for the most part is on something and no one gets tested ever lol

I think you mean… everyone is on something

I highly doubt a natural bodybuilder would compete in untested leagues

What are your guys thoughts to adding Proviron to my TRT till I start my cycle 16 weeks out

@Singhbuilder did, but I’m pretty sure he was born enhanced.

I don’t understand why anyone would go up against a bunch of geared up guys when they don’t have to.

Not to say all natural league competitors actually are natural… but chances are far higher they are… and if you’re using gear to cheat in a natural show, shame on you!

I know a few guy that have competed naturally in un tested shows and have placed in the top five. They tell me they love the feeling of finishing so well in a group that are unnatural. Maybe not all of them are unnatural but a lot are on gear. I can see how that can be almost like a badge of honor to place so well naturally against unnatural competitors.

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