Looking for a Bodybuilding Bible

So I just graduated from college and am now doing some personal training. I spent the last 5 years doing mostly powerlifting and O-lifting where everything was about athletic development(college wrestler). I’m pretty informed on how to get stronger and more explosive burn fat etc but have never trained strictly for hypertrophy.

My degrees are in biology and chemistry so I don’t have a problem digesting some advanced reading on the topic but I am looking for a book or resource that would go into the theories of bodybuilding. Ideally something that would explain time under tension, volume, ROM, nutrition, exercise selection etc. It’s easy to find “Rick’s Primo Chest Workout” but I’d like to understand the principles that go behind the programming.

There is so much information on the internet but its hard to tell whats legit and whats not. I’d appreciate any suggestions

Thib’s books get pretty into that stuff if i remember.
Black book of training secrets might be the one, but he has a few out.

Start looking at the archived articles here.

[quote]hardgnr wrote:
Thib’s books get pretty into that stuff if i remember.
Black book of training secrets might be the one, but he has a few out.[/quote]

x2 on thib’s books, they are impressive and contain A LOT about what you’re looking for. It’s either the black book or theory and application of mofern strength and power, or both

Nice I’ll have to check those out, thanks dudes

keys to the inner universe by bill pearl

Best advice I can give: Read all of Thib’s posts, check his forum daily.

Read T-cell Aplha.

That’s it…

Yep, the T-cell, Thibs, stuff by Modok, Ceph Carnage (although he’s a cheeky german sometimes LOL), Prof X, Stu, just to name a few, will provide you with just about everything to cover what you are after. As far as a bodybuilding bible, you can learn a heap from paying attention to the important info and experience that is piled up around here.

Have fun and join in!

My training log, unfortunately, is not yet published.

I am deeply sorry…

Good luck in your new career.

Yes, you are truly fortunate to be learning about training in this day and age. So much information is available at your fingertips, and it looks like you’ve found (in my opinion) the best collection of articles, authors, peers, and information right here. When I started training, the info in magazines was crap (until I found a copy of then now defunct Muscle Media 2000 at my gym and read about subjects that seemed to never be mentioned in the magazines I saw at the local GNC). Eventually I stumbled upon the old paper Testosterone Magazines at a Tower Records (now also no more -lol), and read things by guys with funny names like Poliquin, Berardi, King, Wilson,… and some guy who wrote ridiculous intros to each issues named TC.

When Tim and I were talking on the phone a few days ago, I told him that the beginning of my real ‘formal’ bodybuilding education began when I found his magazine, and how it has continued with the online T-Nation site.

You have an amazing resource here, (I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve printed out from here over the years!) Use it! :slight_smile: