Looking for a bit of bulk!

Well I started last week with going to the gym and trying to eat right. Just a few quick questions. Is this enough for me to eat in a day? I read a bunch of articles on TMAG about diet and I trid to stick close to em. Keep in mind I am probably of the hardest gainers around.
2 Lg Eggs
2 English Muffins
2 Slices of cheese
1 Calorie based shake
8 oz chicken
1 glass Milk
1 dinner roll
1 yogurt
1 1/2 cups of pasta
Yet more milk
slice of pizza
1 more calorie shake

What protein powers does everyone use? I live in Canada are there any you can buy at a retailer not over the net?
Help would be great.

What are your stats? Have you added up the macros and calories of that list of foods? Have you read the “Missing Ingredient” article yet? How about the “Foods that make you look good naked” article or the “Diet Manifesto”? Sounds like you need to do the math and then do a little more reading, then we’ll help you out.

Most importantly, I would suggest you keep a food log. You can get some basic guidelines on the amount you need to be eating from formulas but nothing beats keeping track of your food and monitoring your weight and bodyfat. Once you have a handle on your maintenance calories you can adjust up or down depending on your goals. Also, as you gain and lose body mass your calorie requirements will change so you really do need to constantly track your food intake and bodyfat. Most people who try to gain muscle fail because they really don’t have a handle on their diets.

I agree with Chris, go check prev issues of tmag, also check article written by Berardi. His diet info has worked great for me. wether you want to gain weight or lose weight, you need to be kind of strict, unless you also want to gain bodyfat.