Looking for a Better Stack

I’m doing a cycle soon (late May/early June) and I’m trying to figure exactly what I’m going to do. Theres so many possibilities and variations and options that I feel like a kid in Toys r Us. So anyways, heres what I’m thinking:

  1. Tren @ 50-75 mg/ED, Test Prop @ 100mg/EOD, 6 week cycle, Keep Nolva and Clomid on hand throughout cycle and introduce either/or for last week or 2 weeks (any suggestions on specificity would be good) of cycle and extend 2 weeks after cycle

  2. Tren @ 50-75 mg/ED alone, introduce Clomid or Nolva or HCG for last few weeks of cycle (again, suggestions are welcome) extending to 2 weeks after cycle

  3. Tren @ 50-75 mg/ED, Oral Winstrol @ 25mg/ED, same PCT as the past 2 cycles

(all cycles are 6 weeks, not including the 2 weeks after for PCT)

Obviously, I’m planning on building my cycle around tren. We may also decide to get some Synovex and make some test prop to do cycle #1. The possibility of cycle #3 (Winstrol) is a bit of a longshot since we have no source at this pt. in time, however we have about a month and a half to get some by then if we decide to do that cycle.

The reason I’m thinking of doing only a 6 week cycle is because I really just want to put on some mass to work with for the rest of the off-season and into the competition season (competition starts in November and yes I get tested when the races start). If you guys think this is too short to be effective and think I should do a 9 week cycle, then please let me know, I’m open to any and all suggestions. 12 weeks would be too long, I don’t have that much time to work with.

As far as the Clomid/Nolva/HCG goes, I know that for certain circumstances (i.e. gyno) Clomid and Nolva are just as good as one another, but if everything goes as planned, I’m curious which (of the 3) would be best for the scheduled PCT and which dosage would be best.

I know this seems like a lot to be asking for you guys to review but it’ll make us all smarter in the long run. Thanks.

Personally I wouldn’t do a cycle without some test. I’d consider 50mgs tren ace/day and 100mgs prop/day.



Also, lets say I had 2 separate mixtures of tren 100mg/ml and test prop 100mg/ml. If I were taking 50mg tren/day and 100mg test prop/day, would it be possible/logical to put both solutions in the same syringe and inject everything all at once?


How much do you want to grow? I’d say 8 weeks at the shortest. From what I have heard, tren should not be used without test. I’d throw all 3 together, test, tren, winny, that’s a lean mass stack! Doses seem pretty good to me. Bottom line imo, test/tren, 8 week min. Best of luck

No offense bro but if you are asking questions like that then I’m thinking that you need to do some more reading/research before you go and stick yourself.

fatsensei, I see what you’re saying, but a lot of the questions I’m asking are ones regarding personal experience. I can read steroid profiles all day til I’m blue in the face and know off hand which ones are androgenic, aromatizing, liver damaging, etc. But some things you can’t get from articles and you just have to ask the guys who know. Am I right?

If I was going around asking, “Uhh, what does AAS stand for?” or “I don’t see the importance of PCT, therefore I’m not gonna get Nolvadex/Clomid.”

I understand your concern but everybody has to start somewhere. Besides, I’m not planning on starting this cycle later on this week, I have a lot of time to read and learn before I plan on starting and if I feel I don’t know enough about what to do when the time comes then I won’t do it.