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Looking for a 6x a Week Routine for the Summer

Okay, summer time is here and Im currently jobless so I have plenty of time on my hands.
Im looking for a 6x a week routine with a goal of building as much mass as possible.
The problem is that I currently only have a couple sets of dumbells and a heavy bag.

Anyone willing to help me out?

Hey nathandb,

People will most likely call me stupid for trying to help you out.

It helps your cause if you make a nice informed and complete post.

Read around on this site, there is ton of information and some very good programs.

Re-post you question and include your age, weight, height and training experience, along with your current 1rm, 3rm or 5rm, on the major lifts. Hint- No one cares how much you can curl.
Also post BF% if you know about it, assuming you care (which personally I never have, but that’s because it’s relatively low and also I’m not about to compete in BBing)

6x week weight training is unlikely to be optimal for you. 6x week training is not optimal for many people at all.

Try searching for a 3x week, full body beginners program such as starting strength, stronglifts (stronglifts.com). I believe stronglifts even suggests alternatives if you only have db’s.

WS4SB and wendlers 5/3/1 has been gaining alot of popularity recently, too.

If you really want to train 6x week, make the other 3 days cardio. Some very effective interval training could be done with the heavy bag and a skipping rope. Look up HIIT using the search function if you don’t know what it is. However I would suggest 6x week would be too much very quickly, I would suggest having at least two days complete rest.

If gaining muscle mass is your major goal, getting your calories up will be 1/2 the battle won. There is also a ton of information about diet on this site.

Hope this gets you started.