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Looking for a 3 Day Minimalsitic Plan

Looking for a 3-day workout, mostly minimalistic, similar to Ben Bruno’s power of 3, but I was looking to add some Hang cleans or some explosive movement. I was talking to this Ex-football player at my gym which I know is usually bad advice but what he said was , Upper- Bench,Row,Press
Lower- Squat,Hang Clean, Deadlift
Arms- Barbell Curls/ Extensions-abs
All 6 sets of 6 in a circuit fashion. Add weight every week.
Thoughts ?

3 day workout with a separate day for arms and abs and 200% more upper body pushing than pulling? Nope.

Yeah I just needed a few ideas in the clutch I wasn’t going to go with that.

The original Starting Strength is a 3-day routine with power cleans as an explosive movement.

I’d look at 531 with power cleans. There are numerous three days per week options in the book.

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I could not imagine a bigger waste of time then a dedicated arms/abs workout, especially if you are new to training. Do Starting Strength with some weighted chins or pull-ups; your arms will look just fine.


Use the search function for articles. They have been around forever.

Waterbury has a lot.

Chris C has written something.

Staley has a few


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If you want to do “Power of 3” and add an explosive movement, then why not just do the program and find an appropriate place to add said explosive movement?


texas method or beyond 5/3/1



The capacity of some trainees to over complicate the simplest desires can be astounding.


Check out Jason Ferruggia