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Looking for a 3-4 Day a Week Program Under 1 Hour

I’ve been doing a full-body workout 3x a week, using bodyweight (chins, dips, push-ups) and kettlebell stuff (swings, goblet squats), plus some core work (been doing this since mid-Jamuary). I do a Loaded Carry day 2-3x a week, usually 2x. I’ve also been working hard to restore my ROM, strengthen my shoulders (had an injury a few years ago), fix my ankle/hip mobility and work on general flexibility in preperation for starting a lifting program in the near future.

My goals are strength and size and possibly competing in a Strongman competition. I’ll be starting a new job with a long commute and am hoping to find a program I can do in 30-45 minutes 4 days a week (more is ok) so I can either get it in before work or as soon as I get home and still have time with the kids. I lifted all through high school but that was 10 years ago so I’m not a stranger to the weightroom but I’m definitely going to be paying a lot more attention to form this go-round. Not sure if it’s relevant but I’m 5’7, 160lbs.

Thanks for the help!

edit to add: when I used to workout I didn’t hit my shoulders or legs as well as I should have so I wouldn’t mind a program with more squatting. I think my best OHP was 110-120 for working sets. Which is pretty bad because at that point I was flat benching 280 for working sets of 8-10. So I really want to build my legs and hit much higher numbers on the OHP, both of which I’ll need anyway for a Strongman comp.

try the 5/3/1 Jim program ! the original one ! 4 days a week and its bomb

That’s at the top of my list. It’s probably what I’ll end up running, just wanted to see what other people have tried that would fit the bill. I’d love to have 1hr+ to train but it’s just not practical with my commute and kids and everything else I have to get done. Thanks for the recommendation!

Ether of these fit the bill…

You can try this, mate! 3 days a week!