Looking "flat" during low carb cut

This is my first time cutting on a fairly low-carb diet (around 100g per day). I’m on TRT so I’m hoping to preserve most of my muscle mass but two weeks in and my muscles look flat and smaller.

Is this from glycogen loss? I thought it might be but I know some guys are on keto permanently and don’t complain about this.

Will I look “fuller” again when I bring more carbs back into my diet?


That’s because their glycogen is in a permanent state of depletion. (Okay, kind of… their bodies produce just enough to do what it needs to do when keto, but no more).


What do your macros look like for your cut? Carbs are often villainized, and unless you have poor insulin sensitivity - you may find better results in reducing fats (to a point).

It’s because they know it comes with the territory.

A carby cheat meal will blow you back up.

Thanks. Very helpful info.

My daily macros are around 100-130 grams of carbs, 150-175 grams of protein, and 50-70 grams of fat.

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Consider dropping fats to 0.3g/lb BW.
Protein is fine, but ideally 1.0g/lb BW or higher.
Carbs can go up to fill remainder if you feel better that way (unless you have poor insulin sensitivity).
*same rules apply for bulking, just manipulate carbs up to fill remainder for targeted surplus btw.

Figured I’d offer some unsolicited advice on that front too lol.

Stick with it on the diet, you’ll temporarily look worse to look better in the long run. Making a food log can help with compliance, if that’s a difficulty for you like it is for me.