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Looking Fat When Pumped?


Do any of you guys experience this...no mather wich muscle group i get my blood in...it looks like i have a higher BF%...its like the seperation gets lost and literly looks like im fater...i havent noticed this until now.

Some toughts on this would be nice.


I look a little fatter and puffy when I take in a ton of carbs. It could be a heavy pre-workout meal.

Also, if you're not shredded to begin with, filling muscles with blood and making them bigger isn't going to make you look skinnier.

But really, whats the big deal? The pump lasts like half an hour, who's going to see you besides some guys at the changing room at your gym.

Maybe you just got fat.


Same thing happens to me with quads, i lose a lot of separation after heavy training.


haha, ever thought about why the competitors don't pump their quads before stage, just keep them elevated while lying on the ground? For the same reason, pumped legs loose their separation.

Otherwise, who cares? :slight_smile:


no, i just look swole



I look fat when I get fat. Shit sucks, any advice guyz?


I only lose definition in the legs, but when I train biceps my veins are more visible.


Unless you are about to get on stage, why is this an issue?


I don't really have this problem, but I prefer the super dry first thing in the morning look!


Yes, especially after a night of heavy drinking. I've lost over 6 lbs of water in 1 night. I couldn't believe how I looked in the mirror the next morning.


Lol, same here but I used also fill out and get a little bigger too after those bingers while my skin thinned out. Combined with a day in the sun at the pool and my physique looked incredibly better.


Wine used to be a common pre-contest/stage tool during Arnold's era.


i heard he drank Jack

but you know how people say things


Yes, and I love it. Size is size.


i'm not sure what my BF% is but in the measuring cliper I only measure it on side of the stomach like it says and it comes out 10% im wearing full 6 pack so my BF isnt the problem...just figured out someday that i look better cold than pumped


Eat your way out of it!


Try cutting back on the doritos.