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Looking Big Without Looking Like You Lift?


How big can you get before the average person will know you lift just based on what you look like in regular clothes? Let's say regular clothes are long-sleeved shirts and pants, but not wearing a suit every day. Assume 10% BF and average height to keep things simple.

This isn't anything important to me, I'm just idly wondering... Quite a few people ask me if I "do any sports", but only when they see how much I eat, which I think is pretty funny.


199.997 lbs at 6"

200lbs and its totally obvious.


Judging by the RMP thread, I'd say 145 lbs is the threshold for Hyooge.

If you hit 165, you're Jacked.

Anything greater than that is simply Swole.


I have no clue what you are talking about. It's all subjected. My nutritionist is an IFBB Pro Middleweight. When he wears a shirt and tie he looks stocky. You see him in a t-shirt and he looks like a pro bodybuilder.

I hovering around 230-240 in the offseason and people comment to me about my size when i am wearing a winter jacket occasionally.

What does it matter anyway?


It's not 6' 195lbs at 15% body fat. You can't even tell I lift if a wear a regular shirt with long sleeves. If I wear a good fitting t-shirt I've gotten comments about being in shape. Recently a nurse asked me if I did pushups because I looked in shape. This was kind of an ego deflater. I got my bench up to 275 so I can look like I might do pushups?!


Don't take it as an insult- everyone knows that pushups are more functional.


Depends entirely on your frame.



Hey, does anyone know how much money I have to earn before I have "a lot"?


Just more than the next guy...


Yeah, I second that. I'm 201/202 at 6', about 15% bf (maybe a tad more, but under 20 for sure), and the most common thing I get is, 'did you play sports in school?' Uggghhhh.... I'd much rather, 'dude, you must work out!'


It's usually something more like, "do you workout?"...as if muscles just grow for no reason. Sometimes you get, "I was your size back when I was your age!" coming from some 140lbs dude in his late 40's.

If you're lucky, you'll get, "my cousin is even bigger than you".

Apparently everyone has a cousin over 300lbs ripped who hardly ever trains.


Ah, yes, the older and more out of shape they are, the better they once were, or the better somebody they know is. Freakin' one-uppers, gotta love it...


My cousin is bigger than you. Last time I saw her, she was around 500 lbs. She never trains.


Ooooh, snap!




...crackle and pop!


Hah, nice.



I probably enjoyed that more then you though, hmmm. My dad owns Saturday Night Live so I probably watch it more often than you do, Hmmmmm.


what's the threshold for not being "skinny"?


well the guys at school noticed and sad to me taht I have changed(from a fat bastard).and now they say to me taht I have got big,,anyways I feel small at 196lbs 17%bf,,I want to be at least 200-220lbs with 10% bf,,it'll take years but I am not running anywhere,,and for that cousin thingy,,Most cousins claims come for 130 pound "ripped" cousins,,with ABZ...