Looking Back, McCain Never Had A Chance

After the smoke has cleared, we see Obama triumphant with a 2-3 million person clear victory.

This is a victory which is a landslide in recent elections. Considering the closeness of Bush/Gore with around 200,000 difference in between the two, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say McCain got crushed.

I didn’t vote for McCain or Obama neither were appealing to me, in fact both were appaling. However, in September, I think only a fool would believe that McCain was going to win this thing.

Why? Because Barack Obama, was a force and McCain never anything more than a troll. Let me explain.

Eight years ago, the Republican party said the old and dying McCain wasn’t good enough for President, they said he was an inferior candidate to George Bush. Four years ago, after Bush’s blunderous term, they said the same thing, while incumbents always take Presidence, ‘The Maverick’ could have at least tried, especially after the way the President had fumbled his term.

So during that 8 years, Senator McCain was the Senate troll, also known as the Maverick, baaahing and naying about anything in order to further his career without any real strategy or basic principles. He talks about the Veterans, but voted to f* them, he talks about Americans and American industry, but F*ed the Tanker program so the French can profit, and when everyone knows the War On Terror, is an ineffective beaten horse (including the constituency of GOP), he is the last naysayer, standing up for this bloody policy of waste and defeat.

When you put this guy up against Obama, (bullshitter or not), you have a hopeful, young fresh, untainted candidate, versus a man who has been denied and said he was inferior by his own party for the last ten years or more. Obama is an idea for many, he is a vision of hope, for the liberals and left against a legacy of bloodshed and idiocy of the Bush administration. As well as a vision for the African-Americans, that they might finally step into full acceptance & equality of American society.

McCain is the Anti-Obama, he is was the choice of the haters and the stubborn, he didn’t stand on his own two feet for any group except for the living dead of American retirement homes. Aside from the oldest fools in the country, I think only those absolutely infused by Obama, and those ‘hard republicans’ the ones who will vote straight ticket without reason or thought just to spite the ‘liberals,’ are the only people who voted for this.

It’s obvious, once again, even his own party realized this, that is what the Palin gimmick was all about. They know Obama, an man who makes Richard Nixon look virile, didn’t have a chance in the public subconscious beauty and confidence contest against a six foot 3 or 4 young candidate. So they grabbed a random gun loving, hoosier bitch from Alaska and threw her into the lime light as the Anti-Obama Neo-Hillary. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that Palin, is a retard. Entirely unqualified for her position. This is not just straight insult, I mean think about this, Palin supports abstinence programs; her own daughter got knocked up. Palin fucking hunts with assault rifles from moving planes, killing wolves and deer and shit; how heinous could you get? Palin made a fool of herself in all talk forums or if not came off as some kind of nervous prom queen bully; she lost all her credibility, and made the GOP look foolish.

Within days of the election, Palin got punked by some Canadian DJ’s and didn’t even have the fortitude to realize it was a prank after comments like 'You know I am REAL person right," within 2 minutes of the conversation. And after 8 minutes of shameful ignroance, when she found out she had gotten punked, she didn’t even play it off with grace. Instead she fought screaming and tears.

There was once a party, the Republican party…I think after the past 8 years and this election they have lost their credibility with their blunderous policy and sleazy election gimmicks. Anyone with half a brain could have seen McCain didn’t have a chance.

Maybe, will get a party switch like the USA has had in the past, and a third party will step and take over their place? You never know.