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Looking at Starting a Test Boosters

I am just starting out again, I am 41 yrs. old wanted to start taking a testosterone booster for all the same reasons anybody 41 wants to. Is novedex xt worth the money or is the guy @ gnc selling me shit.

yeah it’s shit… by the way there’s plenty of these type of threads already started if your interested, just use the search engine.

Have you had your T tested by a DR lately?

If you haven’t I’d get that done first.

Only reason I ask is cuz you’re 40+. And I’ve read T starts to dip @ 40. So if you just figure that since youre 40, your T is going down, that might not be true. Each individual is diff.

If you have and you need the Tbooster, Alpha Male on here is supposed to be good? I never took it, but you could ask other guys on here about that.

Don;t shop at GNC

Start with Tribilus first and take note of the effects. Alpha Males will have roughly twice the effect as the Trib.

Biotest makes both of them. They both work well.

I’m 46.

Thanks fellas got what I needed to know

novedex xt is good, gaspari does pretty decent products, TRIBEX, Alpha Male(amazing), zma. Im sure you will feel Alpha Male, strenght and libido through the roof!!!