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Looking at Starting a Cycle

Well let me give you a little bit about myself. I am 5’9 and currently weighing 237 power lifter and strongman. I was taking a pro hormone, I was on it for about 5 1/2 months or so and the got a little overzealous and took way more than needed , why in the world did I think more was better I could not tell ya. But when I was doing the right amount, I was weighing around 260lb or so, stronger than ever and loving it, then the worst happen the overdose shut down my liver. For being out of the gym for 2 months and was not able to eat the things that I wanted sucked major ass. Well I am now back in the gym and back to lifting heavy I need to do one more blood test to make sure everything is back to some-what normal. But now I am thinking about use testosterone enanthate, I wanted to see what you guys thought about it and what do you see as the pros and cons in using it, what would be a good dose to start with to add some strength and put back on some weight. What do you see in side effects and would I keep the gains or not. Please help.

Again I am 28 5’9 weighing 237
bench about 450
squat 635
deadlift 635
I compete in bench press comps and looking to go in to a really tough fed that doesn’t test, so I am looking to keep up with these guys or surpass them.


Great numbers by the way.

Any testosterone-based steriod will aromatize, and since your liver may not be functioning 100%, you may have a hard time clearing E2. Be sure to use an AI if you choose to do a test cycle, and it would be a good idea to be tested for estradiol about 3 weeks in.

Thanks for the input my friend, I want to do a little bit more research before deciding and some more insite from more people.