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Looking at Purchasing Nautilus Equipment. Worth It?

I’ve got the opportunity to purchase a Nautilus Duo Hip & Back machine for around $1300 shipping and set-up included from a reputable dealer. It’s in mint condition. I’ve always wanted to experience the machine but they were gone from gyms by the time I came of age.

Is it worth it?

Key is reputable dealer! Is it the one Casto has? Without trying it out you have to base it on the dealer. That said, i’d do it. I’d love to get ahold of one

It’s definitely Castro, I wouldn’t buy from anyone else. Just talked to him on the phone this morning.

His stuff is top notch! The red one?

He’s brokering a friends Next Gen full circuit right now. I was lucky enough to buy Torso Arm and Bench Press that he had duplicates of before he listed withCasto

Yeah - the other beat-up one has been on there for over 18 months and is from the early 70s. Totally get the nostalgic feel but I’d rather have the slightly newer model with reduced friction. This one is located in Jersey in a karate facility. Lightly used, not too far from me geographically.

That’s awesome @ Torso Arm and Bench press. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of mileage out of that. It’s been a long time since I felt the strength curve of a Nautilus machine. Back when I used to be in shape it had a lot to do with having access to a full Nautilus circuit.

I’m getting a little maxed out on space and cash but I’m always considering that piece that can’t be imitated through free weights.

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Can’t stand working at home. I want a gym with lots of eye candy. It is all that motivates me these days.

Just put a mirror in your home gym

I am fluffy that would only depress me.
When I first read your post I mistook your word mirror for minor. Oh Boy, wrong kind of motivation there, HaHa