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Looking at Prohormones


been lookin around for the most effective prohormone on the market. I'm looking to add as much strength and mass as possible, and as safe as u can get as far as prohormones are concerned. I've tried tribolic and had pretty successful gains, but I didn't take it as seriously as i would have liked to. what seems to be the best stack rightnow? (prohormone, liver/prostate/estrogen blocker/support, and pct)


I am interested in hearing about the new Ando Series from promordialperformance. Anyone tried them yet?


If you have access to the proven stuff..don't use the unproven stuff..


My Name Is Eric Potratz


I ran a successful cycle of Hdrol/Liv52/Tamoxifen Citrate...


I'm not educated enough to pass judgement, but I'm skeptical to say the least.