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Looking at HOT-ROX


I'm thinking about buying some but I would like some opinions on it. So it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could help me out! Thanks in advance. Side affects, the pros, the cons.




Thanks Rocky, if anyone else could give me input that would be great!


i took it.. finished a whole bottle. I take stims pretty well, but took 3 caps most of the time instead of 4.. i liked it
might i ask WHY you want to use HOT-ROX?


Well it helps burn fat and so I thought i would give it a try.


I've used it, as well as several other "fat burners" in the past. HOT-ROX will provide a nice stimulatory effect IF you respond well to Yohimbine. Some people respond very negatively to Yohimbine and feel real sick when taking supplements such as HOT-ROX that contain it. When I took HOT-ROX I was not able to see a quantifiable measure of fat loss. In other words, my fat loss was the same rate while on it as it was before taking it. This is different from something like EC where I was able to see a measurable difference in the rate of fat loss.

Next, HOT-ROX did not suppress my appetite, which I think is a very important part of a good fat loss supplement. Once again, compare this to EC where I had absolutely no desire to eat while taking it.

Yohimbine does have some scientific backing with regards to "stubborn body fat" which you can find in Lyle McDonald's research or some various Googling. However, if you are above 8% body fat I'm not sure it's going to provide any benefit. The real purpose of Yohimbine in my opinion is getting that last layer of lower ab, or lower back fat off once your fat loss has plateaued several times and you have already exhausted other options.


Interesting. I have a pretty high tolerance to stims in general, but I don't get any kind of stimulant-type effects with HOT-ROX, while it totally does kill my appetite.

OP, if your training and nutrition are both in line (both designed for maximum fat loss), then it could be worth giving HRX a shot for a few weeks and see what's what for yourself.


Right now I'm sitting at 6'5" 220, still trying to put more weight on. So i don't know if it is ideal to start taking it. Thanks again.


Um, yeah, no.

HOT-ROX is a fat burner. If you're not trying to drop fat/lose weight, there's no real point in taking it.

Some guys might take a fat burner while bulking to try minimizing bodyfat gains, but that's really using a screwdriver to hammer in a nail. Wrong tool for the job.

If you're looking for a kind of energy booster, Spike would be more appropriate.


Couldn't agree more.


Have yall seen any muscle mass decrease or strength loss while on HOT-ROX Extreme? Ive debated giving it a try but are not at a point of lifting where i can lose strength


been looking at it but not sure if i should give it a try.

have you guys seen any muscle mass decrease and or strength decrease while on it? thanks


i took it a few years ago(can't seem to get it any more(just HOT-ROX, the one without yohimbe)).

worked really, really well for dropping body fat.